4 Major Health Problem Women Face During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time of blessings for many, however, it does have its own side effects are which are sometimes bigger than the blessing itself. Many women die during labor and delivering a baby, while there are millions who suffer from a different type of ailments post pregnancy.

Yes being pregnant isn’t perfect and you may get many symptoms which you’ll have to manage. They can be a bit more bothersome or minor like gas and forgetfulness like fatigue, carpal tunnel syndrome, and sleeplessness. Below are some suggestions to get through the nine months.

1.Carpel Tunnel syndrome:

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Carpel Tunnel syndrome
This often changes individuals who work at computers but can hit anyone who does repetitive movements using their wrists and fingers. It induces you to sense numbness tingling and even sharp pain in fingers and your wrist. Ordinarily, it may often keep you up and is worse and night but can happen anytime throughout theday. If it becomes a problem then obtain a wrap on your wrist can help. You may also try discussing it together with your doctor to see whether there is anything they can do.




Let us face it your body is working difficult to make a life that is new, and that takes huge amounts of energy. The sole strategy to battle this is slow down. Be sure you get enough sleep during the night, that may be different for each woman and can change from 7-10 hours. Additionally, taking a nap right after lunch really can help; I was blessed to get an hour lunch, so I spent 20 minutes and 35-40 to get a quick cat nap. Also, that is when you have to evaluate what you do at home and get dad to take some of these obligations over. Afterward, the last thing to help is eating right, quit eating sugars, simple carbs, and junk food, replace it with proteins, vegetables, and fruits.


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Hemorrhoids are swollen blood vessels across the rectum, resulting from the pressure from the uterus. You need certainly to talk together with your physician about them, should they become incredibly hard to handle them.



Post-partum depression is more common in women than gestational diabetes. Many women suffer from depression and they never realize what is happening to them right after they deliver a baby. There are cases, where post-partum depression often leads to some serious disease, a break-up, and a suicide.

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