Amrita Kolay

Amrita Kolay grew up exploring the hilly topography of the Chota Nagpur plateau. After 2 decades while clutching to her roots and upbringing she embraces life as a Writer. Her numerous adventure amidst the hills, ponds, and villages introduced her to the world of simplicity and hardship. So far, her career path is filled with numerous pebbles and each sums up to define her perfectly as a versatile writer. While working with top-notch clients she has explored all genres of writing such as Resume Writing, Blogging, Story Writing and Content/Website Profile Writing. Her book “One Crazy Afternoon” is getting neatly packed and is about to hit the market soon. Her website is the only place where you can get to know more about her.

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Have you ever wondered as to what would have happened if the story of Sleeping Beauty was slightly tweaked? What if instead of being cursed she was just slumbering in flamboyant world of luxuries unfazed by what nature has to offer? And then one day, her prince charming who was an avid traveller, kissed her a fortune of experience and introduced her to the lusciously green expanse of nature. Then finally the natural and man-made wonders made her realise: Contentment…

The Ugly Duckling

The Ugly Duckling

Head hung in shame, standing at far end of the corner, playing with my frock, I hoped somebody would call me to take the “Prasad”; after all, it was Diwali. No one noticed until one of my aunt shouted in horror and signalled me to get out of the Puja Room. Strange how the same people who loved me by all heart changed overnight just over some blood oozing out of my vagina. For a first timer, it was hard…