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Vivek Kumar Singh(Google AdWords and Analytics Certified) is a Co-Founder of and a digital marketing specialist. Vivek specializes in search engine optimization and content strategy. Writes about all things digital marketing, including search, social media, email, mobile, Analytics, health, automation, technology, And Lifestyle. I Worked in Digital Marketing industry with 5 years experience and handled more than 70 projects in this period. A guest blogger from Chandigarh. I’m having a bachelor degree in computers Engineering. My core passions are the content creation and small business strategy.

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OgyMogy Spy App
Mobile App

How to Easily Spy on Someone’s Phone Without Accessing it With OgyMogy Spy App

Are you looking for the ways to secretly spy on someone’s mobile phone device without taking it into custody? The most simple and efficient way to secretly and remotely track someone else’s phone is the use of cell phone spy app. There are several cell phone spy apps rightly available on third-party websites to track android phones and iPhones. However, not every spy app can provide the desired results to the end-user. After reviewing the most popular and widely used…

Shade Sail
Home & Garden

Why Are Shade Sails an Essential Part of Every Area, Especially Schools?

Shade sails are often seen being used in various areas. However, particularly in schools, they play a key role in the protection of kids and surroundings. They offer numerous advantages to schools and other instructive conditions. Underneath, we have recorded the best benefits that shade sails offer, demonstrating that shade cruises truly are the perfect sun overhang for schools. They provide protection against UV rays Shade Sails offer high UV security from unsafe UV beams created by the sun. Luckily,…

The Advantages of Using Web Authoring Tools

The Advantages of Using Web Authoring Tools

Humans are normally hesitant to anything that brings change with it. And change also involves patterns and market trends that are advancing quicker in the digitised corporate world of today - particularly in the domain of eLearning. These days, quite a number of leaders are uncertain to utilize web authoring tools rather than the traditional ones. Possibly on the grounds that they dread to lose power over their content or perhaps they dread to get overpowered by particular technical material.…

Last Mile Delivery1

Get to Know the Importance of Last Mile Delivery

All of us love ordering products online. Life has become more comfortable. We need to have an internet connection and a smartphone to get products delivered to our doorsteps. The final step is the process of transporting items from the distribution center to the consignee, which is referred to as last mile logistics. In this process, small parcels or packages are used to get the products delivered to the end customer. The products can be delivered within a few blocks…


7 Secrets To Become An “A Grade” Student With Top Scores

This is indeed the dream of every single student to score high in the semester and become a number one student in the class. In this world of rat race, who doesn’t want to explore more and be a successful person? But, many of them often could not manage to find out the exact ways to become the best. Notably, the students who go to abroad for studying are likely to face more impenetrability. They get explored to new people,…

Sound Electronics Music Audio Audio Console

Seek Professional Assistance for AV Installation

AV or Audio/Video refers to the audio and video components, which are installed in the amusement systems. The components included in AV are CD/DVD players/recorders, speakers, video cameras, projectors, slide projectors, tape recorders, audio mixers, microphones, etc. All the things, which produce pictures and sound, fall under the audio visual system. AV successfully present your message to the audience and any fault in AV installation will convey interrupted information and will lead to miscommunication. Why You Need A Professional for Audio Video…

Car Service

Reasons for Best Car Servicing on Timely Interval

Car servicing is an overall checkup of the car, specifically of the car engine and includes changing the engine oil, tightening the loose bolts, applying grease to the friction parts, and cleaning the filter nets – amongst others.  Even when the car is under the period of warranty, apart from the engine oil, many other things are not free such as the cost of coating, denting and painting and cost of the parts’ replacement. Studies done by the car experts…

Top six reasons to choose dedicated servers

Top six reasons to choose dedicated servers

Plenty of hosting options are available for startup owners. These options range from shared, private, managed and unmanaged dedicated servers to cloud and virtual private servers. Every service model has its strength and weaknesses. When it comes to choosing a hosting service provider, company owners are tending to make a common mistake. Instead of evaluating the pros and cons of specific service model, they consider the price. Among these service models, dedicated servers are competent to offer all the benefits;…

Telemedicine How it is becoming a practical choice
Health & FitnessMobile App

Telemedicine: How it is becoming a practical choice?

Internet and web have undeniably transformed not only the ways we use to stay in touch with family and friends, shopping goods and services but also means of searching for information about health and wellbeing. In addition to fitness blogs and encyclopedias, a variety of telehealth tools are available to help common users to manage health and disease conditions. From wearable devices to fitness apps, individuals are using technology to look after themselves. Though medicine is nothing without technology, telemedicine…


Reasons to consider a driving school

If you are planning to drive your new car, you need to learn the skill first. Learning to drive and becoming a driver is an easy task in the presence of an expert. If they have a detailed knowledge of everything, they can teach you really well. When it comes to driver training in Edmonton, there are two different options. Either you can hire a personal instructor or go to a driving school. Both of them have their own benefits. However,…