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Liverpool vs Stoke City MATCH

Liverpool vs Stoke City MATCH REPORT

Stoke City defended superbly as they held a heavily rotated Liverpool to a 0-0 draw at Anfield in Saturday’s early kick-off, but are still destined for relegation from the Premier League. Mohamed Salah uncharacteristically missed the chance to give the hosts a perfect start when he was sent through one-on-one with Jack Butland after just six minutes and dinked his effort over the goalkeeper and past the wrong side of the post from close-range. Despite having 72% possession over the…

Santa Cruz Mountain Bikes

How Are Santa Cruz Mountain Bikes Different From Road Bikes?

Different bikes are designed for different types of terrain. Trails and pavements feature unique surfaces which require unique bicycles. Over a century, road bikes have been used in racing. Mountain bikes came much later and they have made significant steps in the bicycling sector. They are available in a broad spectrum of designs for handling even the toughest surfaces.  Let us see what features differentiate the Santa Cruz Mountain Bikes from the rest. Speed   If you look at Santa Cruz…

Lamborghini Huracan Florida

Live the Sporty Feel with a Luxury Ride – 3 Sports Cars to Rent in Miami

Are you eternally in love with sports cars? Have you been that kid in the school who used to be always well-informed about all the new sports cars that had been launched in the market back in those days? Do you spend a few minutes more staring at the photograph of a dandy new glorious sports car on the magazines and billboards? If your answer is yes to these questions, then you must go for a ride in a luxury…

How to use Source code Endless Runner

How to use Source code Endless Runner?

Popularized through mobile games such as ‘Temple Run’, Source Code Endless Runner, a type of running game is very simplistic spin on larger platform generals where a player has limited control. It has a character which can move forward. You can see another example like Flappy bird. It is known as running mobile game. It is also popular platform and controlled by other character. A user can tap a screen to develop this bird fly. It is due to navigate…


Top Online Quiz Maker for Trainers

A quiz make enables trainer to create assessments easily and quickly. It is very challenging to make Online Quiz Maker. Because they can capture encourage sites leads to share it online that attracts different people to site and brand. They can irresistible and engaging audience. It spreads quickly as audience can share results. With an engaging quiz, a visitor can click and answer every question. It shows result with friends after scanning the page, headlines and bounces. They take guess…


Know Facts about Mobile Games- what is Bubble Pop Game?

Some can annihilate the dragon. Some want to crush the candies and move to advance levels. Some spend thousands of dollars to play games. This world is of microtransactions or in-app purchases, multi-billion dollars industry which is based on ‘freemium’ a type of mobile app which can be downloaded free of cost.  You can beat small to advance level. It suggests that iPhone user spends more time than Android users. Here, we will give examples of different games like jackpot…