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Anesthesia And Sedation: Fixing The Dilemma When Visiting Your Dentist

Visits to the dentists are often dreaded. Even common dental procedures like getting a dental crown or implanting a bridge seem like a herculean task to people, especially children. Some dental procedures can be painful. Making the patient unconscious by making use of certain medicines has increasingly been proposed as a possible way out. Sedation and Anesthesia are two medical procedures often used to make a person unconscious in order to save them from any pain due to the impending…

Baking Soda

Brushing Your Teeth with Baking Soda: Is it Safe or Not?

Brushing teeth with baking soda is a common practice. A lot of people use this method with great effect. At some places, this practice is in vogue for generations. You can find households using baking soda for purposes other than for baking, cooking and cleaning tasks. In fact, this popular kitchen item is fit for cleaning teeth and as a result, is now a key ingredient in toothpaste products by some top brands in the world. You too can benefit…

dental procedures for improving smile

Popular dental procedures and techniques for improving smile

Having a perfect smile is a great feeling. You can easily charm the people around and win their hearts. With straight and healthy teeth, you feel confident as well and exude a positive aura. However, some people don’t have a smile to write something good about. They are often plagued by one or another dental problems denting the glow and dazzle of their smile. Needless to say, their overall appearance looks dull and facial charms, uninspiring. After all, can you…