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10 Best and Worst Foods for Your Teeth

Brushing twice a day, regularly flossing them and using mouthwash after brushing are some rules that everyone has told you to take proper care of your teeth. If you visit a dentist, he is probably going to say the exact same things. But the way to take proper care of your teeth and avoiding them from bacteria attack or tooth decay can be simply found in the refrigerator. What we eat has a huge impact on our body thus the…

fact about dessert

Lesser Known Fact About Dessert, You Should Know if Love Dessert

Sweets bite always grab all attention due to sweetness and cheesy flavor of it. People keep on having the sweet dishes during occasion but probably know that these sweet dishes are known as for many other reasons. Each and every flavor of sweets and dessert says something about its taste. Dessert is prepared with colorful layer and during the occasion, these color and decoration prosperity may come to home and god may accept this as an offering. We majorly celebrate…

5 Foods that do not have expiration date

5 Foods That Do Not Have Expiration Date

"Consume preferably before" or "Consume until". Are you always aware of the labels? What if we tell you that there are foods that do not expire? Get to know the list. Almost all foods have an expiration date marked on the carton. However, there are foods that do not expire and we will show you what they are. In any case, be aware: the information on the validity of the ingredients works only as a mere indication. 5 FOODS THAT…