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Telemedicine How it is becoming a practical choice

Telemedicine: How it is becoming a practical choice?

Internet and web have undeniably transformed not only the ways we use to stay in touch with family and friends, shopping goods and services but also means of searching for information about health and wellbeing. In addition to fitness blogs and encyclopedias, a variety of telehealth tools are available to help common users to manage health and disease conditions. From wearable devices to fitness apps, individuals are using technology to look after themselves. Though medicine is nothing without technology, telemedicine…

Reasons Why You Should Have A Softphone

Reasons Why You Should Have A Softphone

In the era of the smartphone, hearing terms like Softphone can make you wonder that what these are. Almost everyone has the same question about it. Well, a phone which is composed of the software is generally termed as Softphone. It is not about any sort of hardware. You can generally think about it as software plus phone equals to the Softphone. These are included in VoIP solutions. There is VoIP Mobile App that makes it work properly. The use…

The New iOS 11 Changes Location Tracking on iPhone, But How

The New iOS 11 Changes Location Tracking on iPhone, But How?

Remember the news when Uber was accused of gathering user information even when the ride is over? This raised serious concerns among the users and recently some iOS monitoring software have also been doing the same. Apple, in its new iOS 11, has finally pulled the plug on this and has introduced a better way to find out which apps use the location information. Apple allows the navigation or fitness apps to update the location information for their specific services…

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Know about Source Code Whatsapp & Extending its Validity

WhatsApp is very popular messaging service for mobile that delivers more than one billion messages in a day and has some serious problems of security. We will also try to give analysis on some issues. In this article, we’ll highlight points related to source code WhatsApp. Whatsapp is a fastest messaging mobile app that is used for sharing messages, videos, and audios. It is used to interact with each other in the world. It is used in the entire world.…

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7 Highly Recommened Health and Fitness Apps for Healthy Living

With the advent of internet and smartphone, almost everything is accessible and possible these days. There are apps on almost everything. App for food delivery, app for booking a hotel, app for music, name it and you can instantly find one fit for you on Google Play Store and Apple Store. Now that people are getting health conscious, various companies have created plenty of health and fitness apps that can help people achieve success in terms of becoming healthy. Now,…