How to Choose the Gemstone of your Engagement Ring

How to Choose the Gemstone of your Engagement Ring? Here are your meanings!

The engagement ring should be a surprise. But the manager or person in charge of giving it away cannot do it at random, nor be carried away by opinions that have nothing to do with the nature of the bride. It is good to have professionals and people close to you, but there is much more to deepen. Because this piece should be unique, since, in principle, it could accompany the whole of the aforementioned life, as well as representing a key moment in the love story.

To do this, read on and find out how to choose the gemstone of your engagement ring in just 5 steps.
1. The budget is key
2. Do not forget the personality
3. Determine the resistance
4. Take into account the meaning
5. Jewelry Council

1. The budget is key
Before facing any game of the wedding, it is convenient to be realistic. Especially in the His and her rings sets, the first expense of the celebration. It is necessary to make an estimate of how much the wedding can cost, even if it is above, before buying a ring that will be the beginning of everything. Then come the most serious expenses and you have to be consistent.

Ask about the average price of the rings and think about how much you can allocate to this gem. Because the stone is the element that best determines the price of a piece of this caliber. Do not throw the house out the window buying the ring with the strongest and most valuable stone in the market, if you can pay it at the beginning. You do not have to pretend or show anything to anyone, your partner or the rest of the people. Love can do everything and the important thing will always be the detail and what that gesture represents, not its value. If you have the money, go ahead, but try not to waste taking into account all that remains to be covered.

2. Do not forget the personality
Personality is one of the most important concepts of a wedding. We have always proclaimed the importance of having a unique style and demonstrating it in such an extremely important moment. So, just as we ask brides to avoid disguises on their big day, in order to show themselves as they really are, with the ring the exact same thing happens.
If you are going to be married in marriage with the right person, surely you know their tastes and the small details that make their world special, those little things that make it completely irresistible. Why forget all this in your wedding ring? Do not buy an engagement ring with a stone too simple or ostentatious if the person who is going to take it does not agree with that style. Look for simplicity if your partner does not feel special predilection for jewelry; Take the rest if you have the means to get an impressive stone if it is really important to her.

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3. Determine the resistance
Although the beauty of the stone is really significant when choosing the winner, the resistance is not less. In fact, it could be even more important if you want it to remain intact throughout life, or that there is very little risk of it spoiling over the years. The scratches and dirt can tear it down forever, so you should not neglect this aspect, whenever possible. For this, it is necessary to know a little more about this complex world of precious stones and minerals, starting with the way to measure the resistance and all that the results can offer.
The resistance of a material of these characteristics is measured through the Mohs scale. In particular, in this scale the relative hardness of a stone or resistance to scratching of various minerals is observed. It works from one to ten, having as references the talc, which is the weakest mineral, and the diamond, which holds the prize for the strongest of all. Taking this into account, the stones chosen are usually the diamond, the sapphire and the ruby, beautiful at the same time resistant, with a ten of hardness in the first case and a nine in the other two.
At the podium of privileged stones they are followed by others of great hardness, but somewhat lower than the previous ones. The emerald is eight on the scale; the aquamarine , precious gem, varies between seven and a half and eight points of hardness; the amethyst stays in the seven; the garnet between six and a half and seven and a half; and, among the chosen ones, the last one would be the opal , with a resistance of six.

4. Take into account the meaning
Although not all couples look for the meanings of the elements or the styles they handle at their wedding, for many couples it is really important to place a symbolism and try to make the celebration revolve around it. Whether by tradition, by superstitions or as anecdote, the precious stone of the ring, which will always adorn the finger of the bride, is closely linked to the meanings given according to traditions or thoughts.

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Within the vast field of meanings, diamond, the maximum luxury that can only be scratched with other diamonds, represents perfection, will, triumph, firmness and rectitude, as well as raising physical energy. The sapphire, shown as a blue and enigmatic source of purity, has the title of “stone of success, truth and wisdom ” and, unlike the diamond, elevates consciousness. On the other hand, the ruby , red and powerful in presence, is the stone of trust and intelligence , and symbolizes offspring, brings luck in love, drives away sadness and represses lust; a jewel, never better said. And the emerald, green and

Leader of hope, represents abundance, provides balance and patience; In addition to its effects on health, it purifies the spirit and removes the negative forces.

But there is much more, because not all brides can afford a stone of these characteristics or simply want to try other possibilities and be more original. In this sense, come into play semiprecious stones, true wonders that break the deck with an abundant dose of beauty and meaning. The turquoise , for example, means friendship , and is said to also attracts money, success and love; the amethyst is considered the stone of the spirit, represents the protection and attracts positive energy. Which one do you prefer?

5. Jewelry Council
Our advice at this stage of the wedding is the same as always: be yourself. Do not let yourself be carried away only by the opinions of friends, family or experts; use them to get an idea and inform you, but nothing more. If you are the couple that will be responsible for choosing the precious stone, try to obey the tastes and desires of your partner; do not force him to be a person that is not really. Be true to her and your relationship, and do not feel pressured by the value of the ring, since the important thing is the detail and everything it means.

If you are the bride, more of the same: do not stop being yourself. Do not pretend to pretend with the stone that adorns your finger. Try to give clues or choose the one that represents you, since you will carry it from here on throughout your life. Do you really want an artificial ring? You must say a lot about yourself, be it ostentatious or simple.

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