10 Careers Ideal for People with Social Anxiety

Finding the ideal job if you’re suffering from social anxiety can be quite challenging, even though many people won’t understand that. There are certainly people who managed to learn how to cope with this disorder and still find regular jobs that involve daily communication with other people, but there are also those who still find any contact with other people quite troublesome, and that is why the pool of jobs they could do is quite limited. Suffering from social anxiety doesn’t mean that you have to seek jobs that don’t involve social interactions, but there definitely are some that provide flexible communication with clients and colleagues. Take a look at this list of the best jobs people with social anxiety could do:

1. Writer


If you’re imaginative, very good with words and have something to say, the job of writer might be perfect for you. Yes, it is quite difficult to establish yourself as a good writer and start earning a living wage, but once you manage to do it, you could earn a very comfortable living. You can choose from many options: fiction writer, freelance writer, column writer, even ghost writer.

2. Graphic designer

Another good option for everyone who’s at least a bit artistic is the one of graphic designer. It’s extremely creative, never dull and well-paid. However, if you don’t have any experience or education in this area, you might have to enroll in certain classes or take courses so that you can learn all the tips and tricks. Moreover, this job can also be a freelance one, which means that it can be done from home.

3. Online survey taker

There’s another job that you can do from the comfort of your own home, and if you’re an opinionated person, this job is ideal for you. You can get paid to take surveys online which basically means getting paid to state your own opinion! It’s a great opportunity to earn some extra money, and bearing in mind the fact that it’s never boring to say what you actually mean, this might be the job for you.

4. Accountant

If you excel at math and if you like working with numbers, then you’re probably an accountant at heart. This job is great for people with SAD as it requires minimal interaction with others. Surely, there will be times during which you will be speaking to your clients, but you could use those as a chance to work on your social skills. After all, the position of accountant is paid well enough and if you like static jobs and numbers – this might be your calling.

5. Computer programmer

The IT industry is becoming stronger and stronger each day, so pursuing a career in it is quite logical. However, if you want to become a programmer, you have to be detail-oriented, like to solve problems, and most importantly, possess a degree in this field. There are companies that offer different courses in IT, and if you pass them successfully, you might even land a job. The good thing is that, even though this job requires a bit of social interaction, IT people are valued for their analytical, and not their communicative, skills.

6. Translator

If you happen to know a different language, then why not pursue the career of translator? There are different types, but you could decide to be a translator of documents which requires minimal social interaction. If you happen to love that foreign language that you know, and like sitting and typing, give it a go.

7. Blogger

A profession that has recently become quite popular, and has no particular requirements, is one of blogger. Basically, you need to choose your niche, start blogging and make sure that you update regularly. Just know that your blog won’t start earning until it’s popular enough and has ads, but if you manage to take it to this level, you could earn very well.

8. Artist

Quite creative and interesting, the job of artist is great for everyone who likes to express their creativity through painting, photography, or something similar. However, even though this is a very satisfying job, it can be financially problematic, as you won’t start earning a lot at the very start. However, if you establish yourself as a good artist, you’ll probably have more paid work.

9. Dog trainer

Perhaps you don’t like talking to people, but if you’re an animal lover, the job of dog trainer is waiting for you. If you dislike this idea, but still love animals, think about a vet, zookeeper or a kennel operator.

10. Masseuse

Probably the position for which you are paid to remain silent and simply work is that of masseuse. Think about whether you would like to have this job and whether you’re good with your hands – if yes, take one of many courses there are, get a certificate and make someone happy by giving them the best massage of their life.

Yes, the pool of jobs for people who suffer from SAD is a bit smaller, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t think outside the box. Think of every interaction as an opportunity to work on your social skills, and enjoy your job!

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