10 Outfits to Wear With White Sneakers

Whenever you want your shoes to look chic but feel decidedly comfortable, sneakers are an excellent choice. White sneakers in particular deliver a vintage feel that never goes out of style. Here are suggestions for 10 outfits that look great with white sneakers.


Women have a lot of choices when it comes to styling white sneaks. Pair them with skirts and dresses for a pleasing, whimsical effect, tone down tailored suits, and create great street-savvy looks instantly.

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Effortless Street Chic

Combine a trench coat and rolled-up or frayed jeans cut off at the ankles with white sneakers. Casually classic, this look is great for errands, weekends, and days when you want to put comfort first but still look good. For many timeless sneaker styles, check out  adidas womens shoes.

Classic Pantsuit

For a traditional but casual effect, pair a tailored or sporty pantsuit with clean-looking white sneakers. This look manages to be irresistibly pulled together without trying too hard.

Feminine Balance

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Wear a feminine dress and simple white sneaks. Add a stylish handbag, and you have a great-looking but comfortable outfit.

Office-Friendly Casual

Pair professional-looking pieces such as an unstructured black blazer and a black pencil skirt with classically styled white sneakers. Add a white top, a simple black scarf, and a black bag for the ultimate in chic office wear.

All Athletic

For a comfortable leisure look, combine white sporty sneaks such as diadora tennis shoes with solid-color leggings, a loose sweatshirt, and a chic, faux-leather jacket. You cannot go wrong with this casual look favored by many models when not behind the camera.


White sneakers and men naturally go together, and there are a number of timeless and creative ways for men to wear white sneakers.

Essential Outfit

What is more timeless in the male wardrobe than jeans and a white T-shirt worn with white sneaks? The T-shirt can have a logo on it for a casually trendy effect. If the tee is solid white, however, and paired with jeans, this look is all James Dean and Marlon Brando—youthful, strong, and a bit rebellious.

A Neutral Outlook

Create a winning look by going neutral. Don shirt, pants, and jacket—all neutral—and finish with clean white sneakers. Hip yet stylish, this look will take you places no matter where you go.

Casually Chic

Wear white sneakers with neutral jeans, a black blazer, and a solid white crew-neck T-shirt for a casually stylish look.

Classic Navy and Beige

For a fashionable, freshoutfit with true classic overtones, pair a navy button-down shirt and beige trousers with white sneakers. The effect is traditional without being stuffy. For great sneakers, check out puma shoes on sale.

Luxurious Style

With this look, white sneakers go uptown. Pair them with a great-fitting, button-down shirt from a known brand and well-tailored trousers and add a sweater around your neck. This look hints at luxury and good taste.

White Sneakers: Timeless Looks and Easy Comfort

White sneakers are so versatile they can be the foundation of many types of outfits for both women and men. From street-savvy to comfortably professional, they are at home in the neighborhood as well as the high rise. Classic and clean, they add casual style to any look and keep you comfortable wherever life takes you.

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