106-Year-Old Man Reveals Secret To Long Life

A 106-year-old man from Australia has revealed his secret to long life.

During an interview with 9News, Gordon Ewers, who was born in 1916, said that the secret to a long life is mainly down to what he has not done. 

106-Year-Old Man

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If you’re wondering how old this guy is, allow us to put things into perspective.

Ewers is so old that he has lived through two world wars, has gone through the great depression during the 1930s and even the recent coronavirus pandemic. 

That’s not even the best thing about him.

Despite being so old, Ewers is independent and is sharp as a tack.

Not only that but he currently lives on his own and is capable of looking after himself. 

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During the interview, he said: 

I’m well. The bloke inside the failing body is alright.

Gordon said that people who live this long usually have a long list of tips and tricks, but the thing is, he says there are a number of things that people should avoid.

The man said that he has never smoked in his life and had never had an alcoholic drink.

106-Year-Old Man Reveals Secret

He explained:

I’ve never smoked and never drunk alcohol in my life. The absence of which is probably one of the helps towards achieving old age.

Gordon said that he currently believes that everyone should live sensibly, should breathe properly, should think positively and should live a hopeful life. 

While most of us would be happy to be on the news, Gordon said that there’s nothing special in what he has achieved.

He explained:

I can’t say it’s much of an achievement, it just happened to me, which I’m very happy for it to have done.

Gordon also has kids and they still talk about him.

A 106-year-old man from Australia has revealed his secret to long life

Shirley Burton and Marian Hall, his two daughters, say that he is a great dad and is pretty fun to be around with.

Talking about his dad, Marian said: 

He was always loving and always there, and we did lots of things together as a family, and he’s got a great sense of humour. He’s a really good dad.

Shirley on the other hand said:

He’s always been very easy to get on with, and takes life as it comes.

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