11 Fun Activities to Do With Friends

Nothing can compare to the joy and fun of hanging out with your closest friends. And while you may have shared many memorable moments, there’s always something new and exciting to explore. Check out the ideas we’ve listed below, then round up your buddies and get ready for some bonding!

1. Organize a Movie Night With Some Friends at Home

Have each person suggest some genres or movies, then let the whole group decide on something everyone will enjoy. Popcorn should be at the center of this night, but adding chips and candy will make it even better! Remember to stock up on drinks like soda and juice and prepare mugs or glasses. Once everyone has arrived, you’re ready to start the movie—keep it casual by sitting around the living room in comfy clothes (yes, pajama pants are allowed!).

2. Host a Game Night

Pull out your board games and playing cards, prepare some delicious snacks, and prepare for a fantastic time. Monopoly, UNO, poker, Scrabble–there’s no shortage of options. If you don’t have any of those, you can always play games that don’t require any boards or cards—like Charades and Simon Says—or simply ask each other some silly ‘Would You Rather’ questions. You’re the host, so feel free to get creative!

Host a Game Night

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3. Enjoy a Day of Shopping at Thrift Stores

Everybody loves bargain shopping and finding something unique for way less than retail. Going thrifting with your best buds makes the experience even better since they can help you find quality items that truly represent who you are or have great style. You’ll be surprised by the classy and unique items you can see, especially if you shop around! Plus, part of the fun involves silly conversations based on ridiculous things you come across at stores. So make sure to plan a shopping afternoon with your friends!

4. Go to the Beach

Pack a cooler full of food and drinks, grab a beach ball and some towels, and get ready for sun, sand, and swimming. Invite your friends over for an early morning start and drive to your nearest beach, then enjoy some fun in the waves and a picnic lunch with all your favorite snacks. Spend the afternoon talking with a close company under a beach parasol, and make sure to take plenty of pictures of your day out together—summer doesn’t last forever!

5. Go on a Bike Ride Around Town

Cycling around town can be an excellent opportunity to see all the sights you never knew existed. You can discover the hidden gems of your local area and see them in a new light. Plus, you get the bonus of exercise while enjoying some fresh air with your pals—it’s a win-win situation! Ensure everyone wears a helmet, and don’t forget to pack some drinks!

Go on a Bike Ride Around Town

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6. Enjoy a Night of Karaoke

Find the best karaoke bar near you and prepare for some fun and laughter with your best friends! Choose some songs that everyone knows and will enjoy singing along with. Think of upbeat classics and familiar tunes or something fun and unique. Remember to take videos so you can laugh about it later!

7. Go Camping in the Woods

Whether telling stories by the campfire or exploring the nearby trails, a camping trip is an excellent way to bond with friends. To enhance the adventure, have everyone involved with the setup of the campfire and tents, then start roasting marshmallows while sharing your past shenanigans and dreams for the future. As night falls, remember to look up at the stars and appreciate the beauty of nature before retreating to your tent.

8. Visit an Amusement Park

To make it a memorable experience, you can go at night when everything is lit up, and the festivities are in full swing. Plus, you can take plenty of pictures of colorful lights and thrilling rides with your friends, reminding you of your special day together. Remember that amusement parks are also home to many sweet treats and even horror houses if you feel brave enough.

9. Go Bowling

Going bowling with friends is always a good time. Everyone can join in on the fun, no matter their level of expertise—just go for the pins and hope for the best! Whether you’re keeping track of your scores or setting mini-goals like trying to get a strike, the competitive streak only adds to the fun of it. Plus, it’s a great way to bond and have some friendly rivalry as you exchange triumphant high-fives and make jokes about each other’s lackluster throws.

Go Bowling

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10. Take Part in an Escape Room Adventure

Not only do you get to work as a team and use your detective skills to solve puzzles and challenges, but you also get to share an unforgettable time full of laughter and surprise. To add extra fun, you can even split into groups to heat up the competition! It’s more exciting than simply doing an activity on your own and can be incredibly rewarding when you make it out—often with mere seconds to spare on the clock!

11. Taste-Test Food From Around the World

Start by purchasing snacks from culturally diverse stores, or perhaps each person in the group could contribute something from their cultural background. After that, it’s time for the taste-testing extravaganza! This activity allows you to introduce your friends to different cultures (and rare treats). Not only do individuals get to broaden their culinary horizons and learn about each other’s heritage, but it can be a lot of fun, too!


We never know where life will take us next, so treasure your loved ones. Seize every opportunity to create memories you can cherish for years. No matter what the future has planned for us, don’t let anything stop you from enjoying the present moment with your friends.

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