11-Year-Old Oklahoma Boy Saves Choking Classmate And Saves Woman From Burning House On Same Day

An 11-year-old boy from Oklahoma, USA, saved his choking classmate and helped save an elderly woman from a burning house on the same day.

According to Oklahoma City officials, the boy sprung into action and escorted an elderly woman from a burning house after saving his classmate from choking on the same day.

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Davyon Johnson displayed on December 9, 2021 that he’s worthy to be called a hero.

Latoya Johnson, the mother of Davyon, said that her son has always shown maturity despite his young age.

She explained: 

He’s always been there to help, whenever he can. He’s just still the same kid. It’s not like it’s made him any more or any less.

The Muskogee Public Schools detailed the actions of Davyon in a statement that they released on December 15, 2021.

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They said:

The Muskogee Public Schools Board of Education recognized sixth-grader Davyon Johnson during the board meeting Tuesday night. Davyon performed the Heimlich maneuver on a classmate on December 9 and that evening helped a woman from her house that was on fire. Muskogee Police Department and Muskogee County Sheriff’s Office presented Johnson with a certificate denoting him as an honor member of their force.

Talking about getting recognition from the public, the mother of Davyon said that her son did not want all the attention.

Not only the school, but the police department also decided to put a light over the kind and heroic gestures of the boy.

The police presented Davyon with an honorary certificate, the sheriff’s department deemed him an honorary deputy, and the school board presented him with a heroism award.

The thing is, it does not stop there.

Muskogee Mayor Marlon J. Coleman said December 10 was declared “Davyon Johnson Day”.

Coleman added that the little boy is going to receive the keys to his hometown next week.

Talking about Davyon, Coleman said: 

He sends a clear message to the people of Muskogee that this represents the type of people we really are. He was very heroic. He was very selfless. He did it almost as part of his natural personality. It wasn’t taught. It’s just who he is as a person. For us, it makes us proud that we have those type of young people in our community.

Davyon used the Heimlich maneuver to save the life of his classmate when they were choking.

While he was on his way home with his mother, Devyon smelled smoke and realized that a house was on fire.

His mother parked the car in front of the house and honked the horn a couple of times before calling 911.

Recalling the moment, the mother said that a number of people came out of the burning house and her son was there to help them out. At one point, Devyon moved towards the house and came out with an elderly woman, who was using a walker.

Talking about his heroic act, Devyon said that the spirit of his father was with him when he saved his classmate and the elderly woman.

Davyon lost his father from complications of COVID-19 in August this year.

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