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    7 star kids who don’t know who has given birth to them. Third one is really shocking

    Celebrities kids have always been in news no matter what. But these are star kids who have continued to make headlines since the time they are born. Given here is the list of the star kids who don’t know who has given birth to them even today. Let’s have a look at them here.  Yohan Khan: Yohan is generally believed to be the third child of Sohail Khan and wife seema who is again born through surrogacy. The couple decided to have their second child after the ten years of their first child. He was born in June 2011. Sohail got married to seema in the year 1998. Abhram Khan:…

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    Increase Organic Traffic or Improve Conversion?

    As SEOs, our job is to increase qualified traffic to client sites with the intention that end users buy something, fill out a form, download a PDF or perform other actions on the web. Increasing organic traffic does not necessarily translate into more sales. So, how do we really get more business for our customers through organic search? The answer is very simple: optimization of the conversion or what is the same, CRO. Conversion optimization or CRO is one of the most interesting techniques to improve revenue and conversions on the websites of customers. We can optimize several elements of a site (for example, texts, links, the page itself, social…