• SEo tips and tricks
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    Today I will share with you all 3 very simple tricks to improve the SEO of our pages and blogs. With these tips, we will improve the position of our pages in Google, which will make us more visible to the search engine so that we are easier to find. As one friend of mine says: “The best place in the world to hide a body is the second page of Google.” And you have every reason in the world, how many times have you worried about continuing to search beyond the first page of results? Surely never. SEO does not offer you miraculous results, you will need to have authority, attractive content and many…

  • solid maple flooring
    Home & Garden

    The Best Flooring Solutions for Outstanding Homes

    The interior of your home portrays your mood and personality. This is why, you are required to focus on the designing aspect of your home carefully, rather diligently. While some get overly obsessive about the wall, some get neurotic about the artifacts they want to install, and quite a few get fascinated by the color schemes. And amidst the chaotic, frenzied activities, everyone seems to overlook the flooring part. Not that literally, every human forgets that crucial aspect, some people with the sense of completeness and affinity for the wholeness of life take flooring seriously; because a good flooring solution will complete the designing idea giving your home proper finish.…

  • eye specialist in Dubai
    Health & Fitness

    7 common eye & vision-related symptoms you should be familiar with

    Not all eye diseases are detrimental but none should be taken lightly as well. Common eye or vision-related disorders at times are categorized into major symptoms which makes it easier to sort and come up with specific guidelines. Pink Eye Adults and mostly kids come across an eye infection known as pink eye. If redness is from conjunctivitis or pink eye, symptoms include itching, stinging and burning sensation, inflammation, excess tearing and mucus-like discharge. Allergic conjunctivitis is non-contagious whereas viral/bacterial pink eye are harmful for vision and overall ocular health. Only an eye specialist in Dubai would decide on the course of treatment after careful diagnosis. Allergies Allergies may be…