• Guidlines for doing make up on delicate eyes
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    Guidlines for doing make up on delicate eyes

    Your eyes are valuable. Also, as such a large number of urgent things throughout everyday life, we tend to underestimate our eyes, particularly with cosmetics. We heap on the shadows, eyeliner and mascara without the slightest hesitation. A considerable lot of us have even encountered the consuming, irritated, red as well as watery eyes at some time. What’s more, some experience these not really adorable sensations all the time. Tragically, cosmetics can regularly be the offender of these flare-ups. The 10 easy tips for sensitive eyes makeup in hindi language . Get rid of the old products One of the most straightforward cosmetics fixes for delicate eyes is to occasionally…

  • Calcaneum
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    Inferior Extremity: Fractures of The Calcaneum

    The calcaneum transfers the weight of the body to the ground. It is fixed to its normal place by the attachment of numerous ligaments and muscles. There may be considerable disability following injury to the calcaneum. The ultimate results vary according to the severity of the injury. MECHANISM OF INJURY This is produced by a fall from a height and landing on the feet. The striking force of the ground from below and the force of the body weight transmitted through the tibia and talus from above sandwich the calcaneum between two opposing forces. ASSOCIATED INJURY Fracture of the lumbar spine: The upward thrust tends to produce fracture of the…