Cab Services

Taxi services are always beneficial

There are many people who do not want to hire a taxi when it comes to a long distance journey because they have an assumption that it will be too much of an expense. But it is clearly a misconception because the price of a long distance service taxi is never an expensive one. They…

Vizag is It the Best Time to Buy a Property

Vizag is It the Best Time to Buy a Property?

Vizag or Vishakhapatnam has always been a popular city for the tourists and the region has a serenity about it, as well as a high cultural significance. The real estate scenario in the city is now on the rise and those who want their homes in a calm ambience prefer to build their home here….

south Indian food

Indulge in south Indian food at Cambridge

South Indian food comes mainly from Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. Rice is their staple food, and not to forget the use of coconut and spices is essential for South Indians. Kerala, Tamil Nadu being on the coastal area, the people out there consume a lot of seafood like fish especially, prawns…

How To Ensure A Quick Online Cake Delivery In Jalandhar

How To Ensure A Quick Online Cake Delivery In Jalandhar?

You are all set for your event and suddenly realise that you forgot to order the cake. Sounds like a Nightmare? No More! Because technological advancement has paved its way to the customer’s convenience using online ordering. Now ordering your favourite cake or a customised cake does not call for a bakery visit and standing…