• Data Science

    Debate: Is Data Science a Future Replacement to Information Technology?

    On an average 150,000 engineering and diploma graduates pass out of the IT colleges all over India, and the number is only slated to grow by thrice by 2025. Compared to this, only 20,000 or less number of data scientists (as per the latest job board statistics) are available in the market. These numbers reflect how wide the gap is between the number of IT professionals and Data Scientists. As the boundaries between IT and Data Science fade away with the growing amount of innovation in technologies, there is obviously a scope for IT professionals to break into the Data management job market. However, there is an impending danger hanging…

  • service trips

    Everything you need to know about the service trips at The Hope Homes

    There is no secret that the student volunteer trips at the school level enable families to share their time and abilities to support the varsity, teachers, and students. It matters not if volunteers are functioning at the school, within the classroom or within the community, they’re essential to promoting parent involvement and student accomplishment. Discover what you’re capable of on one in all their student volunteer trips for top school students. With Hope Homes, you will be part of a community of ardent volunteers and dedicated employees. Together, they will work towards semi permanent, property goals to form positive modification within the world. Their service trips are engineered specifically for…