• How to cope up with headaches when you are pregnant
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    How to cope up with headaches when you are pregnant

    Pregnancy coupled with headache poses to be a major nightmare. A headache itself is an annoying phenomenon and when it comes during pregnancy it can be an annoying issue to address. This has to be a definite reality as headaches are common during the first trimester of your pregnancy. In most cases you pop out a medicine and consume it when you suffer from a headache. But just like medications for respiratory disorders in pregnancy you need to consult your health care provider. Now the question is how you can plan to cope up with headaches when you are pregnant. You need to figure out the reasons why they are…

  • 3D Laser Cutting process

    3D Laser Cutting for Automated Precision and Speed

    Most people are aware of 3d laser cutting, but few understand the technicalities behind the highly complex process. The purpose of 3d laser cutting is to get automated precision and speed when cutting across three dimensions. The laser cutting method is applied for different kinds of materials where the contours are complex but demand precise and fast cutting. There are no distortions seen with the method that is able to achieve high-precision cuts. The Process Of 3D Laser Cutting 3D laser cutting process involves a highly coherent light beam that is focused on the areas. As the jet of gas is thrown on the surface, the material either melt vaporizes…