• Composite Decking
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    4 Top Advantages of Composite Decking

    Composite decking is prevalent in these days and has been the new replacement of wood this is obviously because this method has a lot of benefits. Its design gives amazing durability and strength which also helps in easy maintenance. Composite decking thus provides for a hassle-free beauty like wood just with lesser and continuous upkeep. With changing time homeowners getting busy and people in the present era tend to spend some leisure time in the outdoor living spaces rather than maintaining them continuously. All the high facility composite decking that is available in fact provides protection from day to day weather and is also better than wood. Also, it is…

  • A New Treatment Solution for SMEI in Children
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    A New Treatment Solution for SMEI in Children

    Dravet Syndrome is a fatal disease which was formerly known as Severe Myoclonic Epilepsy of Infancy or SMEI for short. A person suffering from Dravet Syndrome has to deal with multiple seizures and extremely high fever. The signs and symptoms of the Dravet Syndrome start showing up during infancy or around the age of six months old. The intensity of the seizures keeps increasing as the child starts to grow older. Children with Dravet Syndrome also show signs of various behavioral disorders and have difficulty in relating to other children of their age. They also suffer from lagged development and growth issues, hypersensitivity, sleeping disorders, interpreting language and they also…