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    How to Show Culture Fit in an Interview

    Ask a procuring supervisor which top characteristics they’re searching for in hopefuls, and culture fit will undoubtedly be up there. It’s nothing unexpected — look into demonstrates that enlisting for culture fit prompts decreased turnover, cost reserve funds and more joyful, progressively gainful representatives, so it’s unquestionably in an organization’s best enthusiasm to discover someone who’s a decent match. Be that as it may, work searchers are regularly at a misfortune for how to show culture fit during a meeting. Furthermore, in spite of the fact that it can without a doubt be troublesome, it’s a long way from unthinkable — you simply need to pursue a couple of best…

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    Tips to Take Care of Your Hair in Monsoon

    The season of rain is here, and all you are worried about, how you are going to protect your hair from getting damaged. You might have been lucky because you have beautiful strands, but when the rain starts to pour from the merciless sky, your hair roots start to get wet and you might have noticed the appearance of white flakes then starts the hair fall.  So, while you are so eager to get rid of these issues, and maintain the beauty of your hair, you have to follow some tips, which will give you a better resolution, and you won’t be afraid to flaunt your hair anywhere you go.…