• Structural Integrity of Rubber And Bamboo Flooring

    Structural Integrity of Rubber and Bamboo Flooring

    It is important to understand the aim of flooring prior to selecting material for one. This exercise is overlooked by many people as unnecessary whereas it is a serious issue. Take for instance rubber flooring it does not deteriorate with moisture is durable resilient and soft underfoot. It can be laid out in basement where at times the moisture content is high. It comes in amazing 100 plus colours to suit every surrounding.  It is expensive because of its quality and are lasting when used with care. One other option can be bamboo flooring in basement. This type of flooring was introduced couple of decades back. Since then it has…

  • ducted air conditioning

    5 Easy Tips for Maintaining ducted Air Conditioning

    Ducted air conditioning systems allow one to use the house space to the fullest. Split AC’s take up walls and their ducts also keep on releasing water in different place. It gets hectic to decorate your interiors around the split machines and even keep up with the maintenance costs.  Ducted air conditioners spread cool air evenly all over the place. They even help one control the electricity bill. Built there are cons to ducted air conditioning systems as well, which might end up making you, paying a huge amount of money for the bill? To avoid such situations. Here are the top five tips for the maintenance of ducted air…