• sales enablement

    Who owns sales enablement?

    Sales enablement has proven to be a flexible and agile technology that sales and marketing teams can leverage to get their job done. However, those how have just started adopting this technology into their team have a good question – Who owns sales enablement? Let’s take a look from the perspective of both the teams The marketing team perspective   The overall efficiency of the marketing team decides how well the tool performs its job. By adopting this tool within their department, they acknowledge that their customer and lead data needs a central place to reside in, it needs to speak more directly about the buyer’s pain points and specific needs.…

  • Candle Holder

    Candle Holder from Himalayan Salt: Top Reasons Why You Need Them

    Himalayan salt lamps are very much in demand these days, and it is for a great reason. While some simply love its unique shape and the way the lamp radiates light, Himalayan salt lamps also offer a plethora of health and wellness benefits. For one, it improves air quality. Its lighting also provides a peaceful and calming respite from the chaotic world. You can imagine how it feels, ending a long, stressful day with your Himalayan salt lamp by your side.  The good thing is, Himalayan salt has also been made into Himalayan Salt Candle Holders. In this article, you will be given more reasons why you need this new…