3 Digital Marketing Trends to Look Out for in 2022(Brandon Lederer Arizona)

Digital marketing has significantly helped businesses scale greater heights over the past decade. The term digital marketing was coined about three decades ago, and the technique has been evolving over the past years. As a result, its acceptance has been increasing, and many businesses, both small and medium enterprises and large corporates, have been leveraging the services of digital marketing experts like Brandon Lederer Arizona.


Every year, a new trend takes over and reshapes the future of digital marketing. Tracking these changes will give you a competitive edge in your industry. Here are the key 2022 digital marketing trends.

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  1. Voice and visual search

Already, over 40 5 of adults are using voice search every day. In 2022 voice search technology will continue improving. Devices will enhance their voice-search features, and businesses will optimize their content for voice search regardless of their nature.

Therefore, this is a trend any business that looks to stand out cannot afford to ignore. This means that marketers have to change how they do keyword research and use keywords. They will rely on long-tail keywords to leverage voice search.

More so, users will be uploading images on the search engines to get information. For instance, they will be uploading pictures of products they want to buy, then use the search results to do comparison shopping. They will also be using landmarks to find places.

As the use of voice-activated assistants increases, businesses must position themselves with long-tail keywords to increase their online visibility.


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  1. Increased demand for podcasts

In 2021 alone, the IS registered over 120 million podcast consumers. It is projected that by 2023, the number of podcast listeners will surpass 160 million.

This is a clear indication that the demand for educational podcasts is rising. While several businesses are already using podcasts to share information about their companies and new products, this is set to skyrocket in 2022.

Businesses will identify the ideal podcast approaches to communicate with their clients and other stakeholders through research. This is one of the tools to leverage for digital marketing to increase your visibility on search engines and build lasting relationships with your audience.

  1. Marketing automation

Another digital marketing trend worth your attention in 2022 is marketing automation. Marketers will be leveraging automation and data to adapt to and harness the evolving consumer behavior. Some marketing automation trends to look out for include: omnichannel marketing, mobile-first automation, retargeting and retention, AI, machine learning, and hyper-personalization.

Through automation, they will be able to enhance customer experience and increase loyalty, better delivery of messages, large-scale content delivery, and the alignment of the business teams to improve their marketing efforts.

Businesses will automate marketing to increase sales, customer loyalty, and departmental productivity.


The digital marketing space is fast evolving as customer needs keep changing. To make the most out of digital marketing tools, businesses must align with the existing trends. This way, they will boost the ROI of their marketing efforts and stay ahead of the competition.

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