Today I will share with you all 3 very simple tricks to improve the SEO of our pages and blogs. With these tips, we will improve the position of our pages in Google, which will make us more visible to the search engine so that we are easier to find. As one friend of mine says: “The best place in the world to hide a body is the second page of Google.” And you have every reason in the world, how many times have you worried about continuing to search beyond the first page of results? Surely never.

simple tricks to improve the SEO

SEO does not offer you miraculous results, you will need to have authority, attractive content and many more things. However, SEO does provide the basic guidelines … After all, I’m sure you would not dream of designing a building without having an idea of architecture, right? Well, this is basically the same. So … we begin?

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  1. Content

As I have already told you, content is the basis of all SEO. The content will be what attracts the readers. If your content is boring or unattractive, your readers will land on your page, read a couple of lines-a paragraph at most-and they will leave. Content is king in the new SEO, so you have to make sure you write articles that provide some substance.

Of course, do not ever copy or plagiarize content from others. It has been many years since the cut and paste are over. Google penalizes, and much, the duplicate content. Work your content, consult sources, and take notes. Do not hurry.

Your readers want fresh content and, above all, that they are evergreen. This is: they never go out of style. He always seeks to write about lasting topics: hipsters will go out of style at some point, but literature will endure. It is important that your page – and your profiles on social networks – can show recycled content that remains as useful today as it was two years ago.

Play with the structure of your article. Use the H2 and H3, in this way you are telling Google that your content is important, since it is divided by sections. The searcher also loves the vignettes, so do not be afraid to use them.

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Take care of the spelling and the language you use. Take some time to review the structure, edit the text. Do not miss spelling mistakes. Take care of the syntax, the algorithm of Google is already able to read as a person, so you should take care and polish each item. Remember: nobody likes Orography.

  1. Link building

The links are the blood of your blog. Getting other pages to link you will make your blog go up positions like the foam in the search engine. The more number of incoming links, the better considered you will be by Google, so it will be easier for the search engine to recommend you.

This has its buts. It is not worth any links if you are linked by pages with low ranking or pages of dubious reputation, which have been penalized by Google, for example, this will sanction you. As I said, it is better to have a few quality links, which come from referring and well-positioned pages, than to have a million links from pages of few authorities or of dubious reputation.

And, of course, do not even think about buying links or doing the typical roulettes of links that blackhateros sold us. All this is penalized by Google and you will only lose authority.

Your own links will also serve to tell Google what content is the most interesting within your own blog. Make sure you create a correct link architecture, linking those items that you consider important.

  1. Keywords

Keywords are the soul of your blog, never forget it. The keyword is what defines you and what will attract people to your door. If you dedicate yourself to writing about the terror that will be your keyword: write terror.

Use the keywords with a head. Nowadays it is no longer useful to reload a text of keywords. It will also not help to inflate the labels of the images with keywords. In the same way that happens with links, you have to create an appropriate structure.

Optimize the titles of your articles to show the keywords that interest you. Do the same with URLs, WordPress gives you the option to edit your URLs, give them a bit of copy? Do not forget the Alt tags of the images, many people overlook this point and it is essential because Google loves the images, also give them a bit of SEO, and modify the labels. The links should also show your keywords, both the anchor text and the article to which links should contain the keywords.

You stay with the most common keywords. Many times it is better to make use of the Long Tail Keywords, which are longer keywords, for example: how to write a horror novel. These words, although they position themselves worse, have a longer trajectory and with them, it is easier to access our ideal audience.

Of course, these are just some basic notes; 3 simple tricks to improve our SEO. To properly position our page, we need to take into account many other things. We have to generate comments, engagement with our readers, achieve that our content is shared on social networks, and have a responsive page … Many more things.

Guest Posting is one of the best technique for link building. So you can do that for a better position on google.

However, in these 3 tips, I have tried to summarize, what for me is the essence of positioning. I hope you find it useful and if you have any questions, you can leave a comment.

Author Bio: This article has been written by Daniyal Buksh a professional content strategist and digital marketer at cheap flights to Stockholm from London. You can catch me on Facebook here.

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