3 Ways to Know if You Have a Drinking Problem

Alcoholism is not just an issue that people struggle with today, the medical community describes it as a disease that needs to be treated. Because this disease is chronic, if not addressed properly it can also lead to all kinds of critical problems including fatalities.

Having said that, it is also important to note that this disease can go into remission if the body is no longer dependent on the alcohol that is normally consumed. So, for those of you who may not know if you are really having issues, here are 3 ways to know if you have a drinking problem.

  1. You Need a Drink of Alcohol to Relax or to Feel Better

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Due to all of the fast lane activities that people are living today, it is not uncommon for the stress that people experience to become overwhelming from time to time. In fact, the pressure and stress that people feel are not limited to adults only but also teens. Especially, since they can be under an insurmountable amount of stress at school when they are high achievers or their family may be expecting a lot out of them. Whatever the case or the situation, it is important that these and others situations do not lead a teen or an adult to some form of alcohol abuse. Specifically, when an individual just wants to relax and feel better.

Unfortunately, for those of you who use alcohol to relax and feel better, this can become a huge problem over a period of time. Though the timing in which alcohol becomes an addiction can vary, there are many factors that can help to speed this process up. For instance, if a teenager begins drinking early, they can easily become a full-blown alcoholics before they leave their teen years. Therefore, when people begin to use alcohol as their regular stress reliever, it is time to seek help at places like the teen recovery center.

  1. Blacking Out Regularly

In addition to using alcohol as a means to relax and relieve stress, another sign or symptom of having an alcohol problem is blacking out regularly. In fact, when a person is drinking so much that they do not have any memory of what happened the night before, this is another red flag that there is a huge problem with alcohol. Simply stated, when you blackout regularly it means that you have consumed way too much. Drinking huge amounts at a time is not having fun but it is an excessive amount that indicates that the alcohol is managing you instead of the latter.

  1. Trying to Quit but Being Unable to — Seek Help from the teen recovery center

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If you realize that you are not in control of the amounts that you are drinking, you know that there is a problem that needs to be addressed right away. This is because alcohol addictions are often identified when you are trying to stop drinking but can’t. In many cases, some people may find that they really cannot put the bottle down until it is all gone. In fact, once the bottle is completely empty, they may start looking for more. Unfortunately, this type of drinking is no longer called social drinking but an alcohol problem that needs to be addressed.

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