3 Ways Marketers can use to grow huge following base

The Instagram algorithm makes it difficult for marketers and creators to increase their post reach. However, there is no magic trick to get instant success over Instagram but there are some proven tactics that most of the marketers use them for boosting post engagement.  Instagram has a lot of touchpoints to reach your target audience by using Instagram stories and Instagram live. It gives the opportunity for marketers to connect with hundreds of thousands of people. You can leverage this platform by using right approaches to grow massive following base. Become a game changer and implement the following strategies. In this post, you can discover how to get more followers on Instagram.


How to get more followers on Instagram:

Here are 3 foolproof strategies that deserve your attention. Let’s dig into it!

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Go Deeper with Instagram Stories

When you have a few hundred followers on your Instagram, getting single like and comment become the reason for celebration. But you need to seek out more ways to increase your post engagement.  Instagram stories are what you need to engage more people and connect with your followers. With Instagram stories, you can stream your life, share your intimate moments with a friend by photos and videos. You can also tag your friends, brands, and influencers in your stories. More than that, if you have 10k followers you can use swipe up feature that allows you to add your site link.

Use Instagram Live:

If an Instagram story can’t give you the desired results, it’s time to use Instagram Live to share your point with your followers.  You can post a real-time video using this feature and can capture the attention of your audience. Try to host a live event, Q&A session, Vlogging, and live shows. The beauty of Instagram live is that you don’t need to share polished content. You can highlight your brand voice with Instagram Live. Take the inspiration from famous brands and see how they use this feature effectively.

Interact Regularly with Your Followers

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If you want to get instant success on Instagram, remember one rule, be social. Instagram is all about to post, interact and converse. Consider interacting regularly with your audience by responding them to comments, direct messages. Even you can use Instagram stories to respond them directly.

You can also communicate with your followers in other ways. Instaboostgram is offering AI to provide you best engagement services. This includes sharing user-generated content and tag them in your posts. For example, famous brand Azazie that deals with wedding dresses are love to sharing their customer’s photos and experiences with the world. They don’t let it go overlooked when their customers engage with their content. If you are brand, interact with your customer and boost your post engagement.

Try to respond as many comments as possible that in result give you a number of post likes, share, and comments. If you have just started off your journey on Instagram, take only a few minutes to respond to your follower’s comments. It is one of the best ways to grow your followers in less time.

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