4 Factors to Help you Choose a Suitable Crane Loading Platform

One of the most significant construction projects in Sydney is the new Western Sydney Airport. The project will continue till 2026 and will thus create a large amount of work for the Western Sydney area. Presently, this central city of Australia is witnessing a period of massive infrastructure investment. In the next two decades, people will have access to many roads, rail, and housing. 

The construction industry here has seen many technological advancements. One of its major examples is the retractable loading platforms. A loading bay hire in Sydney having a ‘drawer-like loading platform system provides significant safety to the workers. Such pieces of equipment are increasingly used by contractors for completing the tasks smoothly and efficiently. 

What is a Crane Loading Platform? 

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Crane loading platforms are used for moving and transferring materials at varied building levels. They are extensively utilised on construction sites and come with advantages like easy installation and convenient demounting. In addition, the loading platforms are used in multi-storey buildings for the purpose of scaffolding materials into the building. 

The loading platforms are made from steel and have specific load capacities. They are fitted with safety harness points. It makes way for vertical stacking of the decking material. The material can also be rolled as needed because of the platform. 

This vertical stacking of a crane loading platform enhances material handling. In high-rise buildings, they help shift cargo and other materials to the building’s upper floors. The platforms mainly comprise a fixed frame, retractable platform, steel prop, safety door, and a guard rail.

Factors for Selecting a Loading Platform? 

Most construction projects in Sydney are utilising the latest technology to streamline their operations. A loading bay hire in Sydney provides you with heavy machinery armed with pulleys and cables. Since such a platform is indispensable for the progress of any construction project, you should choose one with due care. Here are some points worth considering while selecting this machinery.

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1. Assess the features

  • Loading platforms should allow for enhanced safety and reduced operating hours for cranes. 
  • The platforms should come fitted with safety harness points.
  • The platform should extend from one part of the building from 4.5 to 5.25 meters. Ensure that one person can operate the platform you choose for secure task loads of up to 5t. 
  • Ease of installation and relocation is a crucial functionality.

2. Assess the weight-bearing capacity

The movement of equipment needs optimal support. The loading platform is swung to unload and load the material. During these times, the likelihood of material falling from above because of the overloading of the platform is high. So, before hiring one for your construction project, know about the weight-bearing capacity of the structure.

3. Compliant with the Australian standards

When the workers are working with a retractable loading platform, they need to follow specific safety measures to prevent any accidents. The safety procedures drafted by Safe Work Australia deal with the safety and welfare of the workers. The operators should be given a suitable harness and the necessary equipment to enable them to streamline their tasks.

4. Assess the cost

The cost mainly includes the duration that you will be using the platform. Crane loading platforms generally allow you to save around $13,500 per deck. There is also the option of a fixed loading platform for you to consider. So, plan your budget before hiring a platform. It’s because there’s always a need to use many of them on the construction site.

The technology used in construction sites is rapidly evolving. Advanced equipment allows the job to be completed way before time. You need to hire that loading platform that falls in line with your requirements and budget.

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