4 Online Cycling Mysteries Uncovered

If you haven’t tried out this brand-new app for online cycling, then you are missing out on a lot. The app is called Vingo and it uses virtual reality to give its users an outdoor experience while they comfortably work-out in their homes. Every day thousands of new users join the app and a lot of them are raising questions about it. We’re going to clear them all up now.

Work-out From Anywhere, at Anytime 

The best thing about the Vingo app is its versatility. You can use it anywhere, anytime. This is unlike your gym work-out sessions where you have to rush to your local gym at that particular time of the day to get before the others and jump on the exercise bike. With the app by your side, you won’t be missing out on the outdoor feeling either. It brings the outdoors to you. All you need is to keep up your own schedule and follow it every day.

No Costly Equipment is Needed for Using the Vingo App

When it comes to indoor cycling, people imagine training on an expensive bike with the latest features. They post pictures of their work-out sessions with their new bike on social media. We are not sure if they are exercising for themselves or for their followers. But, with Vingo, you won’t be needing any expensive equipment. Just a regular old training bike will do. If the bike has Bluetooth connectivity it is well and good too. Even if it doesn’t have one, you can use the app without connecting it to the exercise bike.

Take Your Friends With You on Virtual Cycling Tours

Some people fear that they might feel lonely while they use this indoor cycling app. But that is not the case. You can have a shared experience with your friends while using Vingo. You can send invite links to all your friends directly from the app and request them to join you inside it. No matter where they are in the world, they can come online and join you on your cycling adventures.

Everything Works with the Internet

Speaking of the internet, Vingo, like all other apps, works with an internet connection. You can use your mobile internet connection itself and have a seamless experience inside it. It will be better if you use your home Wi-Fi, for there won’t be any glitches while you cycle online. There are other eye-catching features in the app too. For example, the voice chat feature, which uses internet connection can be used to talk to fellow cyclists near you in the virtual world. You can talk to them, befriend them and team up with them for future workouts.

There is also a provision to connect your social media profiles with your Vingo account. This way you can post all your progress to your followers. Some people even use Vingo as a running app by connecting it with their treadmill. You can do so too and actively jump between cycling and running anytime you want.

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