4 Things to Keep in Mind While Flying Internationally with Medication

 If you are planning a trip abroad, then you must know that there are certain things that you can’t carry with you during your flight journey. However, you will be allowed to carry your medications and other necessary medical supplies as long as you abide by some basic rules and the law. Let’s have a look at some of the key factors that you should know when you are flying internationally with medication.

1. Know about the Restrictions

When you are flying with medicine to another country, make sure that the drug you are carrying is legal in that country. Some over the counter medicines or by prescription are available in Australia which might be considered illegal in some other country.

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If you are planning to take the medications with you, then you must do proper research as to whether the medicine you are taking with you is illegal or not. You need to give special attention if you need to travel with;

  • Medicines that contain codeine
  • Strong painkillers prescribed by a registered physicist
  • Prescribed medicines for addiction
  • Controlled drugs about which you can ask your pharmacist or doctor

2. Packing the Medications

Even if you use a weekly or monthly pill dispenser box, try to carry all your prescription drugs in their original containers. If someone from the authority asks you to prove that you are the patient who is entitled to each prescribed drugs, then those containers can come to your aid.

You can bring your empty pill dispenser with you and set it up after reaching the destination. When you are taking medication to an overseas flight, you should keep all your prescribed medications in one carry-on bag.

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Flying Internationally with Medication

3. Schedule Your Dosage Properly

If you are travelling over one or more time zones, then you might have the time of taking the medications each day of your trip. For that, you can also book a doctor online and consult with him or her and create a dosage schedule that will be according to the plan of your trip.

4. Have Proper Prescription Documentation with You

Sometimes having proper containers may not be enough to prove that the prescription drugs belong to you. For that, it is quite advisable to get a written prescription from a from your doctor or healthcare provider. Also, if you have a personal medical record which is signed by your doctor, then that will further validate that the travel vaccinations in Southbank are owned by you.

There are occasions when travelling through air with medicines can be a complicated thing. However, if you are flying internationally with medication then keep these aforementioned things in mind to have a hassle-free journey with your medications wherever you go.

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