4 Web Design Tips For Graphic Designers!

Websites offer an ideal platform for graphic designers to show-off their talent and skills. For many freelance graphic designers, websites serve as their primary marketing platform through which they try to interact and attract potential customers.

Well, the problem is website designing is a little different from graphic design. A professional website design should incorporate various elements to be able to attract visitors and clients.

Do you want to market your graphic design skills through a website?

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Well, continue to read on as we list 4 important considerations that will help you design an exquisite website with a professional appeal.

    Keep it Professional

You want a website design that looks professional, right. So, obviously, the first consideration should be to keep it that way. By keeping it professional we mean, don’t overdo the stuff on your website design. Website design has certain etiquette and you need to follow them to be able to reap benefits from it.

Most important, make sure you know your target audience before you take on any web design project. You need to offer your potential clients answers to their graphic design queries. But before that, you need to show them your professionalism and maturity in your approach. Cluttered website with the use of bright colors and stupid sound effects will bring no good. Keep your website as simple and elegant as possible, and just try to focus on your core skills “Graphic Design”.

    Tell them why they should go with you?

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The Internet is spilling with thousands and thousands of same business models. As for graphic design, this is one e-commerce business niche with one of the highest competition around the world. Amongst this cut-throat competition, you need to show visitors your unique abilities, where you leverage upon the rest.

List all the completed projects in the portfolio, and if you feel you’re expert at some specific niche, don’t shy away to market them high. Include different banners, flyers to market your skills, and offer some interesting proposition to attract them towards your graphic design services.

    Keep away from Clutter

Ok, if there is one thing that can destroy your website utterly, it is cluttering. No one likes to buzz around the sea of irrelevant, random information. People like websites that offer them short glimpses of their services in a clean, decluttered way. As a graphic designer, you need to incorporate neat, enchanting banners, and flyers, and post those in a way that doesn’t make things appear messy. Furthermore, make sure your website has easy navigation, this will help build visitors trust as they easily roam across your website.

    Don’t shy away from comparison

Lastly, it is always a good idea to compare your skills with other professionals in the industry. Web design is a fast-evolving industry with newer, and better designs popping-up each day. To squeeze full benefits of your website design, you can always compare your graphic design skills with another graphic designer’s website. This will help you to better judge your current standing, and level of skills.

About Author:

Jack Smith is a senior digital marketing expert working with Starlinks – A graphic design NZ company. He is a passionate writer who loves to get around latest trends in graphic design, logo design, and website design.

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