Temporary Graduate Visa Subclass 485 Checklist

As a global understudy, you’ve at last got a degree in Australia. 

From an extraordinary scope of courses, grant chances to a protected and refined condition, you’ve generally driven by numerous motivations to cherish the ‘place where there is kangaroos’ significantly more. 

And keeping in mind that you are sitting, thinking about your termination of understudy visa, you covertly wish to get a chance to broaden your stay in Australia. Is it accurate to say that it isn’t? Voila! Your desire has been conceded! 

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Apply for the Temporary Graduate 485 visa with Aussizz Group and get allowed to live or increase important work involvement with Australia! 

Why Temporary Graduate Visa? 

The Temporary Graduate visa is explicitly intended for the ongoing universal graduates who have finished in any event 2 years of concentrate from an Australian instructive foundation. 

Be that as it may, candidates are just permitted to hold one temporary visa as an essential candidate. 

The visa is partitioned into two streams: 

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Graduate Work Stream: 

A visa in this stream is legitimate for a year and a half and pertinent to those universal understudies who have: 

  • Completed 2 years of concentrate in Australia
  • Occupation recorded on MLTSSL (Medium and Long term Strategic Skill List)
  • An applicable expertise appraisal in that occupation

Post-Study Work Stream: 

A visa in this stream is legitimate as long as 4 years and relevant to those worldwide understudies who have: 

  • Hold an Australian understudy visa after fifth November 2011. 
  • Hold a Bachelor, Master or Doctorate certificate from an Australian training supplier regardless of their field of study. 

Advantages Of Temporary Graduate Visa 

You can incorporate your qualified relatives in the visa application. 

It gives you and your relatives a privilege to live, work or concentrate alongside the opportunity to go all through Australia for the term of the visa. 


What is the preparing term for this visa and what amount will it cost? 

This visa costs AUD1,535. 

  • For the Graduate Work stream, the application procedure takes 4-5 months. 
  • For the Post-Study Work stream, the application procedure takes 34 days to 4 months days. 

Will I need sponsorship from an Australian business for this visa? 

Business sponsorship isn’t required to acquire this visa. Notwithstanding, you are liable for verifying your own business on the off chance that you wish to work while in Australia on a 485 subclass visa

Do I need a Skill evaluation for this visa? 

On the off chance that you apply for the graduate workstream, you need to get a positive ability evaluation. There are 485 Visa ability evaluations for IT experts, educators, architects, attendants, and tradesmen. We work alongside you to guarantee that you meet the prerequisites. 

What is the English language necessity? 

The temporary graduate or the Subclass 485 Visa candidates need to sit for an English IELTS or equal test. On the off chance that you do an IELTS test, you can score a normal of 6.0 with 5.0 in each band.

If you feel the requirement of any help or in the procedure of visa application then surely go for Migration Services Perth.

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