5 Best Startup Ideas For Young Entrepreneurs

Being a young entrepreneur can be challenging. Inspiration and creativity are significant if you want to succeed in entrepreneurship. Starting a business in 20222 after the covid-19 pandemic is not easy. The new normal has affected people’s consumption behavior and general lifestyle. Therefore, you have to consider such changes if you aim to grow fast as a young entrepreneur in this era. The following article will look at some of the five startup ideas you can consider as a young entrepreneur.

Extension cord Business

Before starting an extension cord business you must have knowledge about extension cords.

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Extension cords are power strings that are more noteworthy long and are utilized to supply a piece of electrical hardware with electrical energy from a power source that is situated far away. Electrical lines can likewise be alluded to as augmentation leads or power extenders, and there are a few assortments that can depend on many feet long. Additional ropes are utilized to supply electric capacity to bits of hardware that are much of the time used in areas that don’t have a helpful power source, like development gear, crisis clinical defibrillators, and power instruments. You can also get 30 amp extension cord.

At the focal point of an additional string is conductive wire, generally copper, which conducts electrical flows from the power source to the machine. The wire is encased with a protecting material and an elastic defensive coat. An electrical fitting likewise alluded to as a male, is situated toward one side of the electrical rope. The prongs on the fitting fit into an electrical repository likewise called a female, which is a bunch of relating openings that can be tracked down in wall attachments and toward one side of different lines. The attachment and the attachment should cozily fit for the electrical flow to stream adequately through the additional rope. Additional strings arrive in different sorts and can vary in the electrical limit, from light obligation ropes utilized at home to rock solid modern lines utilized in different workplaces.

Cleaning Service

One can turn their passion for cleaning into a lucrative business idea. Cleaning service is simple and requires little capital to startup. Besides, you can initiate this business with just a few staff members and simple cleaning equipment and keep improving your business. Due to busy schedules, most homeowners, commercial properties, apartments, and offices require cleaners who can help them do thorough cleaning regularly. You can offer such services, and your business can grow to a big company with time. Cleaning services is a specific business that is not as demanding as other businesses. Good planning, effective marketing, and dedication will see your business grow with time. One has to be innovative and creative to differentiate yourself from your competitors. For example, you can decide to add extra services such as exterior power washing or floor waxing. Such services can differentiate you from other cleaning service companies. In addition, to succeed in any business, you need to have a channel for feedback from your customers.

Feedback enables you to understand where to improve or change while offering cleaning services. As your business grows, you should keep updating your equipment to march with modern technology.

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Online Teaching

Covid-19 has taught us that it is possible to do all things online. Education is one sector that was affected by the pandemic. However, online education is still in high demand in the new normal. You can start online classes on specific subjects that you’re knowledgeable about. Before starting an online class, you have to prepare adequately to ensure you have enough knowledge in that subject. This helps create trust in your online students as they can rely on you as a credible source of knowledge. In addition, you should choose a social platform where you can reach as many people as possible.


If you have an interest or passion in certain areas or specific life topics, you can start a consultant firm. For example, you can consider mental health, marriage, leadership, business, and marketing. To create a consulting business is simple as you can start it by yourself, then as the business grows, you can hire other consultants. To be a successful consultant, you have to ensure adequate knowledge and experience.

In addition, you have to come up with effective means to market yourself to attract as many clients as possible. Further, you have to ensure you remain unique and stand out better than other consultants in that area.  

Event Planning

Event planning is one of the lucrative businesses doing well in the current days. People have different occasions such as weddings, birthday parties, engagement parties, meetings, anniversaries, etc. Such events are very demanding and sometimes very stressful. Therefore, most people tend to look for experienced and professional planners to help them sort out the issue.

Therefore, you can fill such a gap by starting an event planning firm. To succeed in this business, you have to ensure your clients are fully satisfied and are proud of your services. Be punctual and always committed to your words. Be a good planner and creative as much as you can. With a few staff members, you can start an event planning business.

Wrapping Up   

Every business starts with an idea in mind and is followed by appropriate action to implement the concept. A good entrepreneur is a risk-taker who sees opportunities where others can’t see them. You can create a business idea by looking at the current lifestyles and gaps that can be turned into a lucrative business.

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