5 Crypto Projects that Will be Trendy Next Year

Many people like gaming and oftentimes, this activity or hobby also allows for earning money! We mean gaming online and using Bitcoins. There are multiple games that offer Bitcoins as a reward for successfully completing various missions, quests, tasks, and so on. Each game has special peculiarities and may help to win Bitcoins. It is only necessary to define a reliable platform that offers potentially beneficial projects.

For example, chainboker.io provides a wide range of potential games that can bring you money. It functions for many years and regularly updates vital data about each game that is profitable for gamers. Just visit https://chainbroker.io/projects/ and find what is required for your needs. In the meanwhile, we will present 5 crypto projects that can sufficiently boost your income.

Duelist King

The first project we would like to pay your attention to is called Duelist King. It is a popular video game, which has thousands of followers around the world. Its popularity proves that you have great chances to earn Bitcoins and thus increase your current income.

It is blockchain-based. A player can earn digital money in various ways. These are participation in:

  • Battles,
  • Contests;
  • Adventures;
  • Quests,
  • Tournaments.

It uses IDO to ensure your profit. The better you play, the more profit will come. Develop your skills and become a rich person.


The second popular game is called FuruKuru. It is a Tamagotchi game, and it perfectly suits all people who need peace and fun. It was founded in the year 2017 and became popular until the present day.

It offers a simple and user-friendly interface. The main purpose is very simple. You will deal with two cute characters that help to create a completely new universe that meets your demands. It will be full of happiness, peace, and a lot of fun. By fulfilling various tasks and improving your hero, you will be able to earn digital currency.

The Three Kingdoms

Another worthy project is “The Three Kingdoms”. This game is the pioneer of battling and besieging cities. Its storytelling can captivate any player at once. Users can choose a free game mode without the need to pay. Another option is to play and earn. This option allows for getting the desired Bitcoins.

As it is a strategy, its principle is standard. You should:

  • Choose your city;
  • Rise and develop buildings;
  • Improve your economy;
  • Grow and multiply your army;
  • Conquer other players;
  • Pass various quests and tasks.

All the events can be monetized and thus bring you income.


You cannot bypass this great crypto game. It allows for earning Bitcoins in a unique world with amazing storytelling. A first-person game ensures the full personalization of your hero. Select anyone and shape him or her until the hero suits your needs. Develop various skills and boost experience. The stronger your hero is the better chance you have to succeed.

You will participate in two modes. The first one is the defense of your tower from zombies. The next one offers the chance to attack zombies and fulfill monetized contests. Survive and conquer to earn more. Mind that the game offers crossovers and so you can meet creatures from other franchises.


The fifth project is called “Cryptia”. If you like the RPG genre then the game is exactly for you! It has all the properties of a fantasy. You can:

  • Participate in adventures;
  • Explore ruins;
  • Discover various items;
  • Battle monsters and so on.

If you participate and fulfill all these actions and events successfully, you will earn digital tokens that equal real money. You will play in the unique world of Cryptia. Develop your hero to become stronger and more effective. Boost various skills and traits to win and earn the desired tokens.

The Benefits to Enjoy

If you collaborate with chainboker.io, you are lucky. It offers a great variety of amazing benefits and guarantees. Make allowances for the most important ones:

  • Quick access. You can access this platform almost instantly. There are no delays in any operation you choose. The procedure of registration runs smoothly and swiftly.
  • Updated data. Chainboker.io regularly updates all its proposals. Thus, you will be properly informed about the latest changes in all projects that help to earn Bitcoins.
  • Any currency. After you get your Bitcoins and decide to exchange them, you will receive the chance to select any world currency. Choose USD, Euro, and so on. You may try your Visa or MasterCard.
  • No hidden fees. The platform is honest and never lets down its clients. Once you choose where to invest your funds, you pay an exact sum of money. There will be no additional fees charged!
  • Beneficial proposals. Chainboker.io proposes various programs and projects that help to get Bitcoins. When you get them and decide to exchange, you will enjoy the best exchange rate and so, will not lose your earnings.
  • Full anonymity. The site takes care of the online security of its databases and clients. It utilizes reliable software, which successfully fights back all kinds of cyber threats. Thanks to blockchain technology, it is impossible to learn any facts about your persona or operations.

These benefits are vital, aren’t they? If you choose this reliable platform, they all are yours. You will always know about the latest changes and proposals. Thus, you will be fast to react and invest in a project that can increase your income.

More Data

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