5 Quick Bedroom Cleaning Hacks: Let The Mess Out Within Less Than 15 Min

While entering the bedroom, we often stumble upon a ton of mess. Getting rid of it usually seems like the nightmare. Since it’s the place where you get to relax, chill and have a good night sleep, your bedroom has to be tidy and free of all the clutter. When your bedroom is full of mess, there’s no way you can calm down physically and mentally.

To transform this temporary nightmare into mess-less space, here’re a few things you need to do. These will not only allow you to eliminate the stress that you might get carried away with due to so much clutter but also you’ll finally breathe a sigh of relief in your space. So let’s dive in

The Mess Out Within Less Than 15 Min

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Open the Windows First

First of all, make sure that your room smells fresher. Airing out space is the best and natural way to do it, and that’s important for cleaning.

Time for Wave1

Just grab a bin and get started with the wave1. The whole purpose with wave1 is to clear all the clutter that’s making your room ‘a perfect mess’. Just take all the clutter in the room that doesn’t belong in and put it in that bin. Make sure to work your way around the room from the starting point which is the door.

When you come across the laundry, just pile it all up separate at some corner. It’s because you need to organize everything for now so that you can deal with laundry afterward. As you go around and de-clutter, try straightening everything in line it up parallel and perpendicular to the edges especially the items at the rustic table in your room.

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Make the Bed

Done with de-cluttering? It’s time to make the bed now. It’s another way to make your room seem cleaner. The best part! You don’t always have to change the Lenin. Just make the bed and organize it properly if the Lenin doesn’t need to be changed for some obvious reasons.

Take Care of the Laundry

It’s time to tackle the laundry pile now. Remember the wave1? You did some laundry piling as well while de-cluttering. Grab the laundry basket and sort through. Separate the clothing items that need to be put away folded as they don’t need to be washed. The rest will be put into the laundry basket.

The separated items should be folded and organized to be put in the right place. The dirty clothing items will be on their way to washing area.

Finish with Floors

Things are much easier for you now. Clean floors go a long way. You have made the bed, a de-cluttered space and means floors room is going to be a way better. Just vacuum the floor and bedroom are going to look so much better in just a minute or two.

Note: if you are a housemaid Dubai, you can follow these useful hacks to make bedroom cleaning a lot easier for you.

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