5 Reasons Why Tilt Panels Make Construction Easy

Technology has made everything faster and easier to do, and it stays true in the construction industry too. The arrival of tilt-up concrete has changed the game in the construction sector. The tilt-up concrete is a type of precast construction technique, and it is a two-step process. So, slowly it is becoming a standard construction process in many places across the world because of its affordability and ease of implementation.

The tilt panel construction method has been around for about a century, and it was used for building boxy-looking office buildings and warehouses. Later, this method was adapted for major construction works, including complex architecture. Today, tilt panels are widely used in the construction sector irrespective of the structure being built, as the panels can be cut and modified to different shapes and sizes as per the requirement.

There are a lot of benefits that come with choosing the tilt-up construction method, and this article will list the reasons why most builders chose tilt panels. So, read along to understand how tilt-up panels became the number one choice for contractors and engineers. 

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  • Smooth Workflow

It only takes a few weeks to cast the panel and bring it to the construction site to start the work. This way, the whole construction can be finished within a month and depending on the project size, it may even be completed in less than a month.

  • Durable

Since the beginning, concrete has been a trusted material, and it has the strength and durability to stand firm during earthquakes and hurricanes. Hence, tilt-up panels can survive all those calamities and serve as the load-bearing structure. Moreover, the concrete is known to last decades without any issues, making tilt panels an ideal choice for any construction project.

  • Fire Resistant

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The concrete doesn’t burn and will not emit any toxic chemicals during a fire. Besides, a good 4.5-inch thick concrete slab has a fire-resistance rate of 3 to 4 hours. So, in case of a fire emergency, the fire will not spread quickly, and the evacuation of people will be easy for the fire and rescue team. Moreover, the falling debris will be minimal as the building will hold itself up for hours.

  • Cost-Effective

The panels will serve as support for the roof and floors of the building, so the amount of steel required is less compared to the conventional building process. The steel-framed buildings use a lot of bars, which makes them more expensive than the tilt panel construction method. So, this feature of tilt panels makes it ideal for small offices and people who want a home but at a lower budget. 

  • Ease of Transportation

The concrete panels can be transported to places with ease, and the strength of the panels prevent them from any tear or breakage. You just need to load the panels to the truck, and the truck will take them to the construction site. Besides, the transportation of panels is way cheaper than bricks and rocks as the whole panels required for the construction can be carried in one truck, reducing transportation charges.

These benefits of the tilt panel construction method are the reason why most of the buildings are now made using this process. The contractors and engineers have accepted this process as the best way to build affordable and durable buildings in a minimum time. And, it is a win-win situation for the contractors and owners as the production time is significantly less, and the quality of the building is not at all compromised.

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