5 Steps to Safely Move a Fish Tank

Fish are great pets for small house owners, people with a busy schedule, or just someone who wants to have a pet but not with the extreme commitments it comes with. Let’s be honest we all run away from commitments, but that’s a whole different conversation.

These fish, however, require a nice home to live in, no not a house, but a home like a fish tank with their little world inside four glass walls. They are easy to take care of. But moving them from one place to another can be a difficult feat for many local movers or for people who do it themselves. However, it can be done easily with some guidance. Keep on reading to understand a bit more!

  1. Collect Your Supplies at Least a Week Before the Move

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It’s important to transport the fish tank empty, so you need to have equipment ready to remove everything that’s inside, such as your fish, decorations, plants, etc. Here is what you’ll need:                 

        Buckets/plastic bags: you can carry small or medium fish in plastic bags. Big fish should be stored in buckets or coolers. Plants can also be stored in buckets.

        Siphon hose: for removing water from the tank

        Fishnet: for transporting fish from the fish thanks to their containers

        Blankets, bubble wraps, etc

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  1. Move Your Fish To Their Container

Keep in mind that fish are prone to stress when they are moved from their environment. So to help them with that, try to do it as late as you can but leave enough time to take the tank apart and clean it.

        Use the tank water in the container for the fish to make them as comfortable as possible.

  1. Clean Your Tank

After making sure that your fish is safe and sound in its temporary home, cleaning out the tank. 

         Remove plants and put them in a container filled with water from the tank, and use it again to easily establish a biological balance again for the fish.

        Use a siphon to remove excess water and try storing them in gallons to take it with you. Remove the decorations, wipe them down if needed and store them in a box. Keep in mind to use packing peanuts or bubble wraps if they are fragile.

        Pack all the pebbles and sand after they have settled at the bottom.

        Dry all the equipment and clean the filter if needed.

  1. Pack Your Tank

This is one of the most important steps as these tanks are very fragile. Even a small crack might cost you a whole new aquarium.

             – Remove the lid and wrap it with air fill plastic packings

            –  Use insulation foam at the bottom of the tank and fill it with packing material.

            – Place the tank in the box after wrapping it with bubble wrap. Make sure that it’s not too large that the tank shifts around.

  1. Load Everything:

Carefully put all of the containers in the truck. Don’t keep anything on top of the tank to avoid any breakage. Also, try to keep the fish container either in your car or the cabin of the truck to avoid any overheating or any accidents.

 All in all, the process of moving fish tanks can be daunting, but not if you have a step by step guide in front of you to make this whole experience stress free. Enjoy moving now!

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