5 Strategies To Appeal New Generation of Apartment Hunters

Sharjah is all for historic neighbourhoods and endless charm. People from different parts of the world consider the destination in the UAE as prime for business and living. The newer constructions further add charm to the luxury living complete with new apartment building and even single bedroom setting. But with all the development, contribution of technology and millennials making up for most of the renters and buyers, appealing the generation has never been so difficult!

Although tech-enabled advantages are the appealing factor to the residents of this age, property managers can take up to their benefit as well. If yours is a one bedroom flat in Sharjah in a prime location, here’re some strategies to draw attention of aspiring renters and buyers.

  1. Keyless/electronic entrance

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Though we haven’t seen the last of those conventional lock-boxes, keyless entrance offer convenient access for various real estate related activities! These may include easy show-and-tell for property agents, improved security for occupants whenever vendors need entering the unit and ultimate peace of mind just in case if the residents are locked out. Changing passcodes for these electronic entrance systems is much easier with additional convenience of monitoring.

  1. Virtual/3D tour

Technology today is praiseworthy especially when it comes to touring the property without any physical presence at the site! It can be done through virtual/3D tour allowing aspiring renters and buyers to walk around the property from another country or any distant location. The entire apartment unit can be explored including common areas, kitchen, living and bedrooms so on, all with just a VR headset.

  1. Remote inspections

Remote inspection solution is another benefit achieved through the advanced technology. Real estate managers, renters and maintenance workers alike can leverage the technology to identify glitches as well as access tighter areas without any inconvenience. These particular solutions include robotics, remotely installed video cameras and much more.

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  1. Online access to occupant’s indemnity

While some properties ask tenants to carry the coverage, an insurance historically is far difficult a barrier to entry especially in metropolitan settings. Newer technologies and supporting platforms offer easy coverage as an added value to the total rental cost. Indeed, technology has helped turning insurance into a best practice protecting both the renters and real estate managers from unanticipated damages and accidents.

  1. Electronic rental payment

Many different industries around the world now have gone paperless with rental payment being an exception. In the era of smart technology, making payment is just a matter of few clicks allowing renters the ease of making payments conveniently.

Electronic payment gateways eliminate guesswork that often comes with paper cheques with complete options of administrative and financial tasks. It’s however most unfortunate that most of the property owners, managers and even renters have yet to fully understand the technology and exploit it in the best possible way.


Without a doubt, technology can be a key differentiating factor for apartment buildings and complexes including one bedroom flat in Sharjah; irrespective of the building’s age. All these allow solutions to live comfortably and the return on investment is almost immediate. So, is your property unit all set to appeal the next generation of renters!

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