5 things you know about, to become a successful food business in India


Technologies have changed our lives drastically, personally and professionally. Businesses have been trying to adopt the technologies that have been penetrating at a rapid pace. Equally important is to register your brand name and protect it legally so that no one uses your brand name without your prior approval. 

It would also enhance your brand value, and customers would recognize your brand from others’. Do not forget to apply for online FSSAI registration if you are operating a business around any consumable food item.

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In that race, food and restaurant businesses are not falling behind. They are adopting mobile-based technology through applications, by which they can engage with more people. Many companies such as Pizza hut, McDonald’s, and Dominos have already adopted mobile-based applications to avail multiple benefits. 

1. Attracting investors

Before plunging into the customer-centric advantages, it is essential to dwelling on business-centric benefits that mobile-based applications can give. Start-up’s inherent nature is to attract more investment in the long-term as the business grows. Any major investor would look into the business’s potential brand value before investing in it. Minimum viable product (MVP) or mobile application would help you to get the attention of investors. With the subscription and activation via an app, you would share the customer data with ease in terms of usability and retention rate. Investors are already sensing the smell of success in the food app business, especially recent DoorDash’s $600 million raise.

An app works as an intangible asset that can provide you real-time and past/historical data. This attracts investors as they can see the viable growth. These days, chances of attracting investments are high for start-ups which are backed by mobile app. 

2. Connecting and engaging customers.

As people have been spending most of their time sticking to cell phone screens, chances are higher than they would engage with your mobile app than walk-ins. A marketing plan with a well-devised app can help you connect with the first lot of customers, and then it all comes down to the UX. Once you acquire the customer data, you can organize your marketing strategy accordingly, by which you can engage with more customers and users. The process becomes much smoother once you personalize their food preferences and tastes. With your historical order records, you can offer smart recommendations and easy order placement to the customers, which is what they need, good food and better delivery service. 

Additionally, a mobile app can allow customers to use help-desk and food discussion platforms to ask questions. This would work as a touchpoint to resolve customer issues with unified CRM to receive their grievances. Enabling customers to check delivery and membership issues and the status of their payment in-app would help your business to grow. This would work as a value-enhancer. They would start recognizing your service as a brand rather than just an app, which would eventually help your business build brand loyalty via customer engagement, making brand name registration critical to business longevity. 

3. Streamlining the table reservations

Table booking on weekends is not as easy as it sounds. That’s where your mobile app can help customers to reserve a table through a one-touch tap over the screen. Such facilities can be done via the in-app ‘book now’ option to schedule lunch/dinner beforehand. Along with that mobile app helps customers pre-order their meal with the reservation that would allow serving faster and reduce table occupancy time, which would eventually optimize your kitchen supply chain, where more users will be able to dine-in in less time.

Users can also see which and how many tables are available to book with slots. This kind of system helps both the parties, users as well as restaurant managers. This would allow more customers to accommodate through walk-ins. 

4. On-demand and punctual delivery

Food delivery app development allows getting more delivery orders than receive an order over a call. When you take an order over a call, there are chances of miscommunications due to the restaurant’s noisy background. With the use of the Food on-demand mechanism in the app, customers can place an order through the mobile app with real-time order tracking. This can be recognized as the most revolutionary step in linking mobile technology in the food delivery system. With inbuilt pricing and a digital payment gateway, customers can book an order quickly, which would also help reduce the administration task. Even Uber is adopting this route with the introduction of Uber Eats.

You have to ensure the safe and secured payment gateway on your food delivery app to gain the customers’ trust. With feedback from the customers’ side, you can improve to provide better facilities for them. One way to do so is through rating the delivery person after the delivery by customers. This would provide you some room for improvement. Chain-restaurants can take advantage of this as they can execute on-demand food delivery across multiple states.

5. Strengthening customer loyalty

Sign of customer loyalty can be measured by staying in their subconscious for a long-time by sensing their realization that you exist. One way to do this is to give them persistent reminders via push notifications. App development can be a powerful weapon to build customer loyalty. App users can easily register in the loyalty programs as their data is handy and available. Giving them customized offers based on their preferences would allow winning their trust while building loyalty. This would work well when you provide them to offer rewards for every visit. 

It could be in the name of a point redemption system, regular discount, cashback, or offer of the day for special customers. Giving them free delivery or free desserts are few ways by which you can retain them. 

Concluding Thoughts

After paying attention to the aforementioned points, your job is to respond to reviews on the app diligently. Even if it is a negative one, try to resolve it to show your availability and agility to customers. This is how you can encourage someone to download an app by giving the customers assurance for resolving their issues.

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