5 Things You Need To Know About Women’s Jewelry Today

If you feel that your jewelry collection doesn’t excite you anymore, it is high time to find out what women like today in jewelry designs.

From head to toe, women are using new designs, patterns, and materials to up their jewelry game. These are the 5 most visible Jewelry Trends of the 2019 every woman should know about:

  1. Oceanic beauty is coming out of the water

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The designers are getting valuable materials and inspirations from the ocean. And women are liking it! Real pearls, faux pearls, and other oceanic elements are making way to the jewelry collection of women. The necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings, all are being designed to fit traditional as well as casual dressing styles.

Shell-adorned necklaces, anklets, bracelets, and earrings are the top pieces impressing women these days. These designs have been included in street fashion as well, which is a marvelous fusion of elegance and casual appeal.

  1. Crafty jewelry is winning many hearts

Crafty jewelry is in fashion, mimicking the attitude of the wearer. These jewelry pieces feature alternative materials such as beads, wood, and others to add more colors, patterns, and playfulness in the designs. It allows women to flaunt their fashion sense with beachwear, suiting, and casual street style.

If you like the look of real flower jewelry, but want something that is very easy to maintain, consider buying real flower resin jewelry. Women can balance the simplicity of their dresses with the playfulness of a crafty earring.

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  1. Celebration of abstract designs

Patterns and designs that are most un-definable impress women these days. Abstract jewelry pieces celebrate the artistic value and unexpected charm. Women, these days, are more open to aesthetic art and love to flaunt arty pieces without having to define it in any way. Abstract jewelry creates a mystery, which makes them fascinating to the wearer as well as an admirer.

The sculptured designs and unique shapes are the new face of geometrical jewelry designs. And women are embracing this trend from fashion shows to the street style.

  1. Bold chains are getting the right reaction

Dainty chains made from gold aren’t the talk of the town these days. You need bold chains with big hardware and links. The necklaces, wrist jewelry, and earrings are the most dominant categories using big chain and link designs these days. Jewelry designers and online platforms are impressing women with their chunky link and chain jewelry designs.

  1. One-piece jewelry that fits all occasions

Every woman looks for that one jewelry piece, which she can wear at any occasion without removing ever. Such designs are the defining category in Young Women’s Jewelry that allows women to choose a versatile piece for their neck, wrists, ears, and fingers.

Pendants and chain necklaces are admired in unique designs made from white gold, rose gold, platinum, and others. Women also love the combination of leather and gold when choosing their bangles and bracelets. Many similar yet different one-piece jewelry designs are impressing women to upgrade their everyday fashion.

  1. Faith jewelry pieces are still in fashion

The purest love for the divine is expressed with faith jewelry pieces. Though it is a niche category, there is a consistent demand among women for faith jewelry pieces. In today’s time, it makes sense that women want to feel close to their faith, which is why the digital world offers fashionable faith necklaces, pendants, bracelets, and rings. The designs feature Jesus, hearts, wings, holy cross, and other elements in different materials such as beads, gold, chain, diamonds, gemstones, and other alternatives.

  1. Wedding jewelry has more versatile choices

The traditional stones and designs used in wedding jewelry are being replaced with modern-age designs. From geometrical patterns to petals, wedding jewelry pieces seem more exciting these days with better choices in terms of stones, colors, and designs.

Finding the latest jewelry is way easier these days. All you need to do is head straight to PickJewelwhere you will get every jewelry category in one place. Use the mentioned trends to up your personal jewelry collection and enjoy flaunting the latest pieces. But remember, ultimately, it is all about your personality and comfort. Follow this path and you will enjoy wearing your jewelry every day.

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