5 trendy wedding bands for Men in Hatton garden.

A wedding band is not just a band; it represents the lifelong commitment of love between two people. Therefore the wedding band needs to be special and must go along with the personality of the groom. Just like in clothing and cosmetics, wedding bands also come up with new trends. Check out Hatton gardens jewellers; they have a collection of all the trending wedding bands and rings. The huge variety of wedding bands can create confusion and not all trendy rings are always the best. So to keep up with the best trending wedding bands, we’ve picked 5 different trendy wedding bands for men –

  1. Amore Platinum – Amore platinum has the collection of the most stylish and handsome design. The centre of attraction of this ring is the seven diamonds. The seven bright round diamonds are set between the Grooved Milgrain edges. The seven diamonds glitter because of the grey ring background. The diamonds are hand-selected and then manufactured to the maximum quality. Amore platinum ring is a unique one and selected only for special personalities.
  2. Milgrain rings – Milgrain rings are a product of Tiffany and co. These rings are unisexual so if you are looking for matching bands, Milgrain rings are the best option. The centre part of the ring is plain and is made up of platinum and is 6mm in width. Covering the platinum from outside are the edges of 18-karat gold. This gives the band an elegant look with a modern touch. Since the platinum part is completely left undersigned it gives you an option to engrave a personalized message. 
  3. TwoBirch White Gold Ring – This is the ring with the finest finishing and polished 14-karat white gold. The white gold band is about 5-6 mm in width. In the middle of the ring, there are 5 alluring diamonds of 2-karat each. This wedding ring, in particular, shows confidence due to its bold appearance. TwoBirch white gold is the number one option for you to consider if you are interested in showing off your style and commitment of your relationship.
  4. Vanzi Florentine ring – Vanzi Florentine is a yellow, 18-karat gold ring. The most attractive feature of the ring is its deep texture. The design came from one of the antique design techniques of Italy, which was completely handmade. Even on the top of this complex yet beautiful design, it allows you to engrave a permanent message. The Florentine band is special for its intrinsic design.
  5. Triton Black Tungsten ring – Triton is a classy black multi-edged ring and has a grooved design which makes it completely unique. The tungsten is a contemporary metal which provides strength and durability. These qualities make the band scratch resistant. It has matrix black band of 8mm. Triton Black Tungsten comes first when you don’t want a traditional ring at all. 

Pick your favourite ring from any of the above choices. Besides wedding rings, there are a number of beautiful Engagement rings in Hatton Garden that you must consider having a look at.

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