5 Ways to Help Your Dog Live a Longer & Happier Life

If you are a furry friend lover, it always feels that you didn’t get enough time to spend with your friends. Most dogs live up to 14 years, depending on the exercise and diet they follow. But some dogs naturally live longer and happier lives because of their surroundings.

Further, diseases can limit the lifespan of dogs. Humans and dogs share similar genetic characteristics. Even dogs suffer from age-related cancer. So, there are some things you can do to prevent diseases in dogs.

Ways to make your dogs live longer and happier lives

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  1. Create a Beautiful Bonding With Your Dog

Dogs love attention and care. When you give it to them, they naturally become healthy. A stable bond provides a beneficial relationship between you and your furry friend. In addition, you can recognize all changes in your dog’s behavior. If any changes are seen, you can contact the vet immediately.

When there is better compatibility, it will lead to a healthy relationship. It also reduces the stress in dogs. So play with your dogs and create a pleasing environment for them.


  1. Provide Your Dog’s Good Nutritious Food

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Getting obese is one of the main problems of dogs since the owners don’t know the correct quantity to feed. Speak with your vet before providing food to your dogs. Talk to them about their height, weight, color, and age and get the diet routine accordingly. Feed as much Vitamin C as possible.

Their diet should combine all kinds of nutrients for the well-being of their immune systems. It works wonders for their heart and nourishment too. Don’t overfeed your dogs with treats too especially with the personal protection dogs for sale type of breed. Treats should not exceed 10% of the daily consumption of dogs.


  1. Provide Your Dogs With Routine Exercises

Exercising can make your dogs stay healthy for a long time. Exercises help in reducing stress hormones like cortisol. Staying healthy is the only way to keep your dogs longer. Firstly, start teaching your dogs about wireless electric dog fence to keep them in place. Then, talk to them for routine walks after learning to exercise in a single space.

Delight your dogs with slow walks in their mature years. Then, when the weather is poor, you can play fetch with them.

  1.     Do What Makes Your Dogs Happy

When your dog is happy, they will live longer. So do things that bring happiness to your dogs. For instance, if your dog loves going to the beach in the summers, take them out for some fun.

Your pets will be in this life for a short time. So, please give them the happiness they deserve. They deserve the best life and provide them with it. Also, help them get familiar with wireless electric dog fences so they can’t behave awkwardly.

  1.     Keep the Vet Visit Regular

Your pets can’t communicate with you verbally, so you should listen to what they are saying emotionally. It’s essential to go for regular vet checkups. Their health might be declining, and you will not know about it.

Sometimes early diagnosis helps in saving their lives. Early diagnosis is prevention rather than waiting for the pet to fall ill.


Sad dogs often lead to depression, and they start to stand out. It’s your job to give attention to your dogs. Keep them mentally busy, and they will stay longer. Don’t let your dogs roam all the time freely. About 80% of the dogs have dental problems. Brush their teeth every day for better results. It depends on how much you care for them that will increase their lifespan.

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