5 Ways to Look Your Best With Minimal Effort

Who doesn’t wish to look their best every day? However, the process of getting ready isn’t exactly as fun as the end result, is it? After all, you have to get up early and spend hours getting ready and keep up with all the latest trends of the fashion world.

How great would it be if each one of us could look out best with minimal effort, right? It would surely make life a lot easier. It turns out there are ways you can do so. You don’t always need a glamorous and tedious morning and nighttime routine or a closet full of trendy clothes to look your best.

Here are five ways you can look put together without compromising your sleep or time.

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  • Have the essentials in your wardrobe

Certain staples go a long way, regardless of the season or the prevalent fashion trends.

For starters, solid white and black t-shirts can be paired with multiple bottom wear, whether it be jeans, shorts, leggings, or skirts. Similarly, denim-based clothing items go a long way.

This includes custom denim jackets and denim pants, both of which are usable for various casual settings. While denim on denim may still be a 90s thing that would take some time to come back into trend, this doesn’t take away from the fact that you can pair denim with various looks.

Have such essentials in your wardrobe so that you can create a seemingly new look every other day without spending all your money on clothes.

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  • Pick a hairstyle that complements your face

The right haircut can make you look attractive, even if you don’t spend any time doing your hair in the morning. Face cuts can be classified into various types, and what looks flattering on you depends on the type of face you have.

Here is how you can pick the right hairstyle according to your face type:

  • Heart: Opt for shoulder-length hair along with side-swept fringes to create a balance between the bottom and top of your face. Curls and waves will also look good!
  • Oval: For people with this face type, almost all haircuts and hairdos will look great. This is because such faces are equally proportional.
  • Square: To soften up your jawline, opt for a medium or long-length hairstyle. You can choose to keep your hair straight, wavy, or curly.
  • Round: Layered and feathered styles, along with soft waves, help soften up the face and make the cheekbones less prominent. Whenever making a hairstyle, always leave some loose hair along the hairline to minimize the roundness of the face.
  • Long: Go for a long cut or mid-length with layers to create an illusion of a wider face and shorten its length. Try to avoid wearing top knot buns.

Analyze and identify your face type and choose a hairstyle accordingly.

  • Maintain a good posture

Between a person who slouches and an individual with a good posture, naturally, the latter looks more attractive and energetic.

Having an upright posture allows you to look leaner as well as helps you in projecting confidence. However, not everyone has a perfect posture. And if you don’t already have one, you might find it challenging to develop it later on in life.

But, this doesn’t mean that it can’t be done. You can get a better posture by replacing your work desk with a standing desk. Use it for a few hours every day to overcome your habit of slouching in front of the computer.

Also, exercise every day by rolling your shoulders down and back and then pulling your elbows back, all the way to your back pockets. Be mindful when you sit and walk. With time, you will habitually develop the right posture.

  • Lipsticks and nail paints to the rescue

This is one of the simplest makeup tricks to look your best. This is because the right lipstick and nail colors tend to make anyone appear sophisticated and fancy. For your lipstick, choose a color that suits your complexion as well as the occasion.

For starters, bolder shades of red and brown look best when going for a night out. For formal occasions, nude pinks tend to make you look livelier without making it seem that you have made too much effort.

Complement your look by matching your fingernails and toenails by painting the same shade of nail color. Select basics like pastel blue or beige to ensure that it goes with most of your looks and hence doesn’t require removal and reapplication every day.

Stock up the essential shades as per your liking, complexion, and need. Smear some lipstick and paint your nail before you head out, and voila, you are done!

  • Make the right statement with the right shoes

Yes, it may be very tempting to put on the same pair of flats every time you leave your abode. But, a little effort in this regard will go a long way.

You might have heard of the famous saying, “good shoes take you to good places.” This is surely true. Your shoes can make or break any look. For instance, a laid-back look can turn into a smart casual via the introduction of stilettos. The perfect pencil heels can make you appear fancy when hitting the club.

Hence, make sure that you have a good collection of shoes. Opt for neutral shades that go well with a variety of outfits. Purchase different types of shoes as per your needs. This includes pairs for going to work, casual meetups, gyms, and parties.

If you choose wisely, four pairs of shoes are enough for looking your best every day!

Ending Remarks

Now that you know the secret of looking good without much effort buy the essentials. This will allow you to sleep in and still stand out in the crowd afterwards.

Do you have any hacks that you use to look trendy? Let us know in the comments section below!

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