6 Awesome Ways To Propose Your Love

So they say, ‘Love is blind!’. But hey the way to a loved one’s heart is through some impressive and breathtaking proposal! Yes, you heard that right!

Your partner may love you for an umpteen reasons but you would definitely love them to fall heads over heels over you.

And the best time to do so is through a memorable proposal that neither you nor your partner would ever forget.

Though a beautiful ring and a proposal question are the most important things in any proposal, the way you say it and the setup in which you say it is equally important.

To make your proposal successful, you need to plan and prepare everything perfectly.

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The answer to your proposal will not only lie in your relationship but also in the manner in which you propose.

So, let us find out 6 awesome ways in which you could propose your love:

1. Candle Light Dinner

Candle Light Dinner


Though this is every movie scene and quite a cliche, proposing during a romantic candlelight dinner has not lost its charm.

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You could take your love out to a quaint restaurant and plan on some good music and pop the question.

Or you could very well organize the same scene in your home. You could cook your love’s favorite meal, play some romantic music, decorate your home with some beautiful flowers and scents and then go on your knee.

2. The place of Your First Date

The place of Your First Date


What would be an ideal setting, than a place where you both met or dated? This is where your journey began and this is where you and your love would probably remember for the rest of your lives.

So plan an outing to the very same place and create yet another remarkable memory! Call to the memory, how you both met and how through time you both evolved as beautiful people.

3. The Birthday Party Gift

The Birthday Party Gift


Well, you may have gifted your love, many things on their birthday. But this time, make it BIG! Ask your friends to join in the fun.

Arrange a large box for yourself and jump in with a ring. Ask your friends to wrap you up and to tie a nice ribbon on top.

Next step is to be delivered to your love’s house! Imagine the look on his/her face when they open their present and find you with a proposal right inside!

PS: Please ensure to make pores in the box to give yourself oxygen to breathe. You sure don’t want to be breathless and gasping for air whilst you propose!

4. Love Notes

Love Notes


Stimulate curiosity and arouse excitement by making your love do some guesswork! Play a game on the basis of the treasure hunt.

Write some best love quotes on colorful papers and hide each of them at different places around your house or in the cafe or restaurant or park where you would meet your love. After every love quote, write where will be the next paper to find. In your last paper, write your proposal.

And this time, get on your knees and verbally ask him/her with a ring popped out. This is sure to melt some hearts!

5. Corset and T-shirt proposal

Corset and T-shirt proposal
These days quoted t-shirts have become the rage. Why not then make a custom t-shirt and print your proposal right on it? To make it look cool, arrange a get together at your home with friends and invite your love to that party.

You could tell your friends of your intentions so that they would prepare beforehand. When your girlfriend/boyfriend arrives, let your friends talk to her and mingle with her. Wait some precious moments and arouse your man’s / woman’s curiosity and impatience to see you. In not so long moments, come out wearing a cool custom-made printed t-shirt with a “Will you marry me?” or other such romantic quotes.

Another option is to go a top notch for you girls! Pull out a corset with a “Will you marry me?” quote. And see your guy’s eyes pop out!

6. Go adventure
Go adventure


Take out your girlfriend on a cool motorbiking adventure ride. Girls love long rides on breezy days.

Beforehand, decide upon a romantic spot and drive her there. Make sure, that you don’t spill the beans as to where you both are going. But don’t make her nervous either. Once you reach your spot, spell out the marriage proposal she isn’t expecting it.

The key is to catch her off guard.

Another twist that you could add to your proposal theme is that as you have chosen your spot, you could beforehand put some custom made banners/signs with your magical question. This proposal will surely get a ‘yes’!

Do remember, in the world of equality, it is not only the man who takes the initiative!!

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