6 CBD SEO Tips To Boost Your Search Engine Ranking

Starting a CBD business today and creating a website for it isn’t as tricky as it was a few years back due to laws like the Farm Bill. The tricky part is getting customers and quality traffic to your business’ website. If anything, the boom in the CBD industry also means competition for paying customers is equally fierce. So how can you give your CBD company a competitive edge? This is where SEO comes into play. 

What Makes CBD SEO Unique?

The distinctive feature of CBD SEO and optimization strategies for other cannabis businesses is emphasizing the sales funnel’s top and middle parts. The keyword placements, content creation, and other changes made with regard to website optimization should create awareness among your target audience. 


Everything boils down to letting them know about your brand, the goods you offer, and the services you provide. Despite the widespread popularity, not many people know the full scope of CBD benefits and the science backing it. Therefore, your SEO should not only focus on pleasing search engines but also target real users online. Say someone searches for Delta 10, the result they get should lead them to a fully functional website that can quickly close a sale. 


The following six SEO tips could help you achieve this objective. 

1. Targeted Keywords

Keyword research and placement should be one of your main priorities during SEO. Keywords are the search queries that will connect your business to its potential buyers. They also describe your site and tell search engines what your company does. Due to marketing restrictions, CBD businesses need to be extra selective of their language and only focus on the industry’s relevant keywords. 


CBD businesses must also consider the competition, location, and volume when choosing keywords. Some of the best keyword research tools you can use include Soovle, Google Search Console, and Ahrefs Keywords Explorer. 

2. Focus on Mobile

A recent study on mobile web users revealed that 58% of all website visitors used their mobile devices. This shows that the mobile phone has surpassed the desktop as the preferred device for browsing the web. Hence, your chances of selling increase significantly if you can optimize your website and its contents for the smaller screens and possibly slower mobile devices’ connectivity. Therefore, mobile optimization should be one of your CBD SEO strategy pillars for the best user experience across different devices. 

3. Get Backlinks

Get Backlinks

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You simply can’t afford to ignore backlinks when trying to increase the ranking of your CBD website. Backlinks are links from third-party websites, whether in or out of your industry, that directs traffic to your site. Though you don’t need backlinks solely from other CBD-related websites, it’s beneficial if your backlinks come from trustworthy businesses with some authority in the CBD industry. One of the best ways of getting backlinks is through guest blogging. You can also use forums and place comments on highly credible CBD websites. 

4. Include Customer Reviews And Testimonials

Customer reviews and testimonials are among the most effective ways of gaining credibility and showing the world your products are as advertised. It quickly increases your ranking since your products and services get more mentions from customers. Feedback requests that you send your customers after a few days of product purchase are useful for getting reviews. This also fosters a good relationship with your buyers. They can express their views and feel included in the improvement of your products and become repeat customers. 

5. Optimize For Voice Search

‘Hello Google, where’s the nearest CBD shop in my area? Siri, help me find the best CBD oil.’


The popularity of voice search is on the rise across different demographics, and businesses must find ways to meet this increasing demand. In fact, predictions by comScore show that about 50 percent of searches will be made via voice commands in 2020. To target these voice searchers, you need to include more long-tail keywords into your website. Think about the relevant phrases and conversational language your target audience will use to find your business. 

6. Measure With Google Analytics

Measure With Google Analytics

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Your SEO is incomplete if you don’t include analytics. Analytics will allow you to determine how your optimization efforts are influencing business growth. Google Analytics is the go-to tool for assessing SEO strategies. You can use it to obtain a comprehensive report of your CBD website’s performance. As you learn what works and what doesn’t, you can capitalize on the most effective techniques and tweak what isn’t working.  


Now you have implemented these six SEO tips for CBD businesses successfully. But you can’t begin to celebrate just yet. It’s needful to remember that you’re a long way from done. There will always be room for improvement and several new things to learn since SEO is ever-evolving. Google, for one, is continually updating their algorithm and altering its criteria for ranking content online. 


Consequently, the SEO techniques of tomorrow may prove ineffective today, or worse, adversely affect your current rankings. Therefore, SEO is a long-term commitment that requires a resolve to continue learning and always measure your results. And remember, your efforts will pay dividends in quality web traffic. 

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