6 Digital Updates You Should Adopt as a Business Owner

In order to drive your business forward, it is vital, as a business owner, to make important decisions in transformations. Let it be the investment for anything – for technical advancement, for infrastructural development of your office, for networking events, etc, in order to stay competitive, it is important to make decisions earlier. 

Proper research and implementing those ideas in your business routine can make elevations in your company’s overall performance. Of all the advancements, it is important to keep track of the new digital trends in the business field. It makes you even more competitive and also eases up your job.

Digital transformation is not all about switching to RFID business cards and opting for social media marketing. It is more than that. 

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Below given are 6 of the many digital updates that you should implement as a business owner. So, gear up for a fact-filled read!

  • VSEO
  • Podcasts 
  • Personalized Email Marketing
  • Geofencing Marketing

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  • 5G Technology  


Voice Search Engine Optimization is the optimization of keywords or phrases for voice searches, that is for searching using voice assistants. VSEO eases up the process of searching. More than 40% of the population use voice search options nowadays, as it provides you with results faster than typing. 

Voice SEO also helps you answer customer queries easily. It increases the traffic to your landing pages. As mentioned earlier, VSEO helps you answer customer questions quickly. and can also be easily used by people with speaking or visual disabilities.


Do you know that more than 115 million people listen to podcasts regularly on a monthly basis? Well, it’s time to make use of available platforms for your podcasts, especially if you are running a small business. 

You can start podcasts to distribute your business ideas and strategies. Below given are six of the many benefits you can get from business podcasts. 

  • You can host it anywhere. For example, your company website, Spotify, google podcast, etc and people can listen to your business ideas and advice, literally from anywhere. So, chances are high you get more recognition for your products and services.   
  • Podcasts, along with weekly or monthly newsletters can increase the chances for your company to remain competitive.
  • Hosting podcasts on your company website can increase your website traffic. 
  • Creates brand awareness and recognition among the masses.
  • It is simple to host a podcast and quite inexpensive too.
  • It increases your network, thus increasing your net worth. 

Personalized Email Marketing 

Email marketing has been in practice for more than 20 years and has been proved effective every time. More than 20 years have passed and now it’s time to take email marketing to the next level.

Personalized email marketing, also known as the name one-to-one email marketing, refers to marketing the products to individuals based on their personal information and interests, collected by the company. The information includes the individual’s purchase history, search history, demography, etc. 

Personalized email marketing helps in customer retaining, thus increasing the revenue of the company. It also helps you plan according to the feedback of the customers. 

Geo-fencing marketing 

As the name suggests, Geo-fencing marketing refers to location-based marketing In simpler words, it is a form of advertising, where products and services are based on the locality they are in. Geo-fencing is one of the precise forms of marketing and helps in customer retention. 

5G technology

We are now living in a period of digital dominance and so now it is time to upgrade to the 5th generation technology. It assures high speed network, low latency, and advanced security as well. It will be a real lifesaver as it takes control of almost every business process. So, if you haven’t upgraded it yet, now is the time for innovation. 

Hybrid Cloud 

We all have heard about Public Cloud but have you ever heard about Hybrid Cloud?

Hybrid Cloud is a mixed computing environment in which a public cloud and a private cloud are combined, allowing them to share data and application details with each other. 

In the coming years, you will see the actions of hybrid cloud, being on the center stage, as it makes almost every business challenge easy and practicable. 


In businesses, there is no doubt that innovation plays a vital part. Hope you enjoyed reading this article about the recent digital transformation trends. Feel free to leave your business related queries in the comments below. 

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