6 Health Benefits of Coffee [Based on Science]

As if you needed more reasons to love coffee! But here we are, with tons of health benefits guided by science. Yes, coffee has so many health benefits other than making you feel energized and happy.

The main ingredient in coffee is caffeine which is full of antioxidants and other nutrients. Thus, coffee is extremely healthy! Yes, if you drink more than five cups of coffee a day, it can have a few disadvantages. But that is true for anything, no matter how healthy the thing is. 

If you love coffee, here are a few more reasons why you should keep drinking coffee. (In limit!)

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1. Coffee makes you smarter and increases energy

Coffee has caffeine which is a psychoactive substance. It helps you stay awake as when you drink coffee, the caffeine in it enters your bloodstream and, from there, your brain. When that happens, it blocks adenosine and fires other neurons like dopamine. It alleviates your mood, makes you smarter, alert and works on other cognitive functions too.

2. It aids in burning fat

Okay, do not think that drinking coffee will help you lose more weight or fast. No, coffee can only aid in weight-burning by increasing your metabolic rate by 3-11%. So, when you drink coffee before a workout, it increases your metabolic rate. Also, it helps you perform physically strenuous exercises better. 

If you cannot drink coffee empty stomach as it leads to acidity, take it with a toast or a serving of fruits. Also, you can drink cold brew coffee which is less acidic due to the long-brewing time. Try coffee pods for brewing all coffee varieties instantly. You can do coffee pod shopping online, which saves money and time.

3. Coffee consumption increases happiness

Several nutritionists agree that drinking coffee can increase the production of positive hormones in your body. When you drink coffee, it never leads to negative emotions. Instead, it increases kindness and happiness. It also is a great way to make new friends. When you share a cup of coffee with someone else, it spreads positivity everywhere. Also, drinking one or two cups of coffee can decrease the chances of depression in many people.

Note: if you suffer from an anxiety disorder, discuss with your doctor whether you should drink coffee and how much is okay for you.

4. Coffee consumption increases your consumption of antioxidants

 A male adult requires 56gram of antioxidants a day, while a woman needs 46 grams. According to many studies, most people do not eat enough fruits or veggies to get enough antioxidants. Fortunately, for them, drinking caffeine can help. It is one of the best sources of antioxidants. Coffee beans are a seed that you will find inside a tree, and both the fruit and seed are high in anti-oxidants. Our body uses this to fight chronic inflammation and free radicals. Thus, drinking espresso or with little milk helps you extract this essential nutrient.

5. Coffee consumption can lower your risk of type-2 diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is a chronic disease, and many people suffer from this illness. It can decrease quality of life along with making you susceptible to other illnesses. Several studies show that drinking coffee can reduce your chances of getting type 2 diabetes by 7%. Other studies show an even higher number. So, drinking one or two cups of coffee will not do you harm, but may save you from diabetes.

6. Coffee consumption may save you from illnesses

Coffee consumption can lower your chances of contracting few diseases like heart issues or cancers. It can even prevent you from getting Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s.

Also, caffeine consumption can help prevent the onset of a stroke while improving other brain functions.

Bonus tip: If you have high cholesterol, limit your coffee intake. Also, do not make a child drink coffee as that can increase bed-wetting in them.

Coffee is life for all coffee-aficionados! If you want to get these health benefits, try drinking at least one cup of coffee a day. 

Though, go for espresso or black coffee or with little milk. Do not drink coffee loaded with whipped cream or sugars as that is full of unhealthy calories. Keep drinking your cup of joe and be healthy!

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