6 Health Symptoms You Should Never Ignore

Our bodies are perfectly balanced mechanisms – they let us know if something is not right and that there might be a potential health issue. When your body gives you a sign that something is wrong, don’t ignore it but seek medical attention immediately. If certain health symptoms are dealt with promptly, in most cases your body can recover. However, some cases have fatal outcomes, if the symptoms are ignored and they are a sign of some serious health condition. Take a look at the health symptoms you should never ignore

Sudden weight loss

One of the symptoms you should never ignore is certainly a sudden weight loss. Many people hope to lose weight and they consider it to be something positive. And this is true, as long as it is a moderate weight loss. However, if you experience a sudden weight loss after you’ve tried unsuccessfully a few times during your lifetime, it can be a warning that your body is sending you. Unexplained weight loss can happen due to many reasons, some of them being illnesses and disorders such as diabetes, cancer, endocrine disorders, gastrointestinal conditions, depression, etc. When people lose more than 5% of their total body weight over 6 months or less, it’s time to be a little concerned and checked out by your GP. 

Intense and piercing headaches

Everybody experiences some kind of headache now and then and it is usually not something to be concerned about. Nevertheless, if these headaches happen frequently and out of the blue, with piercing and recurring pain, it is high time to schedule an appointment with your doctor. These headaches can be signs of many illnesses including meningitis, aneurysm (burst blood vessels in the brain), temporal arteritis or cardiac cephalgia, among others. As our brain is one of the most vital organs in our bodies, every issue connected to it should be checked immediately. 

Chronic toothache

Our teeth play a major role in our day to day life. We use them to chop food, which is essential for our survival. That’s why they need to be in perfect condition. If you’re experiencing pain frequently, it’s time for you to make a dental appointment and pinpoint what’s wrong and start your healing therapy. When dealing with a painful toothache, it can be a sign of tooth nerve exposure. This problem can be solved with a simple filling if you deal with it promptly. On the other hand, if you wait too long, you may need a costly root canal treatment. The best way to avoid any tooth complications is to visit your dentist regularly, at least once in six months and to seek help as soon as you notice some dental changes and pain. It’s important to choose a trustworthy dental center which offers professional service, such as Pindan Dental Laboratory.

Chest pain

If you, by any chance, feel severe pressure, discomfort or heaviness on your chest, don’t ignore it as it could be a sign of a heart attack. It can come in combination with other symptoms such as pain radiating down an arm, nausea and vomiting, sweating, and shortness of breath. When it comes to women, they might experience some more subtle symptoms including fatigue, a burning sensation or upper abdominal pain. If it is a heart attack, a delay can cause damage to the heart muscle. Seek medical help to check in any case, just to be sure. 

Shortness of breath

Shortness of breath is a condition that occurs due to the formation of blood clots in the body’s deep veins, most often in the legs; these blood clots travel to lungs and get lodged in the lung’s blood vessels. It can be a sign of a pulmonary embolism, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), heart disease, asthma, bronchitis or pneumonia. It can be followed by other symptoms such as cough, fatigue, irregular heart rhythm, heart palpitations, and others. It’s essential to check it out and rule out these possibilities.

Sudden confusion

If you’re experiencing sudden confusion, personality changes, aggression, inability to focus – you ought to see a doctor ASAP. These can be signs of a brain tumor or bleeding in the brain. Another possibility is a stroke, which is followed by symptoms such as intangible speech, difficulty finding the right words, or numbness or weakness in the face, hand or leg. When it comes to issues with our brain, we should deal with them urgently, otherwise, brain damage could be irreversible. This kind of mental confusion can also be a sign of an infection, abnormal blood pressure, low blood sugar or dehydration, which your doctor can confirm. 

We should never ignore the signals our bodies send us, as the key in a long and healthy life is in knowing your body well and reacting to the signs it sends out for you. 

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