6 Healthy And Safe Ways To Use Marijuana To Get High

People try marijuana in different ways and for various reasons. Some take it for medicinal reasons, and others take it just to get high or stoned. People often refer to this high as a ‘trip’ that can be good or bad. While many users experience euphoria – happy, giggly, and relaxed sensations, others may do it wrong. 

Whether your intention is to use marijuana for recreational or medicinal purposes, make sure you are aware of the different methods of using it that are safe and effective. Here are six healthy and safe ways. 

1. Hand-held Bubblers

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Bubbler is similar to a bong, which is a water-based device to smoke marijuana. It has four components – water chamber, mouthpiece, stem, and bowl. There are several bubblers available in the market – hammer bubbler, pendant bubblers, or double bubblersYou can also find Weedsmart that is easy on your pocket.  

Bubblers can be nothing less than perfect as they are small, portable, and use water filtration techniques for mild and smooth smoke. 

Add water to the water chamber, grind Weedsmart in the bowl, ignite a portion of the herb, and hold the bubbler pipe to your mouth. As you suck in, you will see the smoke flow from the water to the bowl creating tiny bubbles. Enjoy the bubbles as well as the high.


2. Marijuana Wax and Dabs


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The Dabbing method works through the vaporization of concentrates. Dabs are much more effective than natural marijuana so even a little bit can impart a huge impact. While dabbing techniques are evolving, the basic premise of dabbing rests on using some basic tools. It comprises a dab rig or a water pipe, a nail which is a bowl where we put the concentrate, a dabber to apply the concentrate to the nail, and a torch. It can be a bit intimidating when you see the apparatus at first, but you will get the hang of it slowly. 

It takes effect in one to three minutes and lasts one to three hours. These can be used for quick relief for acute pain and even for recreational purposes.


3. Vaporized Marijuana


Vaping is the process of inhaling vapor generated from burning dried plant material, in this case, marijuana. It is where it differs from smoking. The user inhales the evaporated product and not the smoke, making it slightly better than smoking. The most common devices used for vaping are vapes, vape pens, or vaporizers, but each device functions differently. 

You can also use a battery-operated portable vaporizer, or a tabletop plugged into a current supply. Tabletops allow you to control the heat applied through the coil to the plant product, unlike vape pens which do not have that option. The vaporizer produces an effect in one or three minutes and lasts one to three hours – the best option is you don’t want to be high for long.


4. Edible marijuana or infused drinks


While inhaling can get you high safely, edible marijuana is another choice you can explore.  consuming marijuana in edible form is a sure-shot safe way to get high. The most common or the most popular edible are ‘pot brownies’ or marijuana cookies that taste divine and offer psychological benefits


Other forms of edible marijuana include pills, gummies, or infused drinks. Keep this in mind when choosing edible marijuana, though. It takes effect only after the edible is digested, which means you can get high only after 30 – 90 minutes after consumption and not immediately. And once the effect sets in, it can last a good six to eight hours. Keep the dose small and go slow. 

infused drinks


5. Tinctures and strips


If you would like to experience marijuana without having to taste or smell it, then tinctures, gums, and strips are your saviors. Just infuse a drop or two into any meal of your choice and experience the same effects as with edibles. But, unlike edibles, you don’t have to wait for a brownie to be baked. With a tincture, you can easily add it to your coffee, salad, just about anything you’ve already prepped. 

Now, coming to strips. As the name implies, these are simple edible paper bits that you can place under the tongue or inside the cheeks. The marijuana from these strips enters the bloodstream directly through the sublingual artery, producing a slow but long-lasting effect.


6. Transdermals and skin patches


These are best when you are using marijuana for medicinal purposes but have to continue going to work. These are small patches that release measured doses through the skin. These are pretty much like the nicotine patches and probably the safest way to consume marijuana.

The Bottom Line 

Keep these things in mind when you are looking for the perfect way to get high. How long does it take for the marijuana to take effect and how long does it last? Choose an apparatus that’s easy to use and clean. Seek those kinds of methods that are available and also easily portable, should you need them for your long journeys. Understand the method to understand how clean a hit you’ll be getting. Lastly, make sure you get your money’s worth.

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