6 Technical Skills to Watch For In Drupal Web Developers

Drupal Web Developers

Drupal is one of the most scalable web development portals with customized features and options. It is an open source CMS that helps in delivering elegant and unique website. The content management framework in Drupal is mostly based on PHP framework but strong coding and programming also forms an integral part.

The ability to add and create content with utmost flexibility is one of the best part of using Drupal. It is flexible, scalable and helps with easy sharing of the web pages. The architecture of Drupal is strong and is a highly secured platform but technical expertise can make a website more professional.

1) Integrated Digital APIs or applications

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There are multiple applications and APIs that can be integrated with Drupal to make it more scalable and flexible in its operations. The Drupal website development company must have technical understanding in the applications that are important for smooth management of the site and integrate it accordingly.

With the help of such tools and API, it helps in better targeting of the content towards more audience engagement. The professionals must have expertise in understanding the tools and applications that works perfectly with the Drupal platform. This helps in operating the website with much more ease.

2) Understanding of coding and languages

While choosing a Drupal site builder it is important to first focus on the basic project management skills which includes knowledge of coding and languages. One should be expert in PHP framework and JavaScript to develop a website that is customized and as per the requirement of the client.

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The framework of Drupal is mostly based on PHP and hence it helps in mastering the website development without any hassle. The professionals must be updated with the contributive code that is used in developing the updated and latest versions of Drupal. This helps in making changes when needed.

3) Back End Drupal Skills

There are a lot of back end management and operation skills needed for developing a website based on Drupal platform. The Drupal website development company India must have a sound understanding of the architecture and site building. It helps in building new pages or themes or modules for the site.

With a sound knowledge of HTML, it becomes easy to customize the codes. For managing the back end technical aspects on Drupal, the individuals must be well equipped with understanding of HTML, CSS which helps in adding aesthetic to the website, object oriented PHP and JavaScript Query.

4) UI/UX expertise

The interface of the website greatly depends on the skills possessed by the UI/UX developers. In order to work with the latest version of Drupal and customize the UI, they must be aware of the coding languages like HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

This helps in creating multiple themes that works well depending on the business and requirement of the client. The understanding and sound knowledge of Twig is important as it helps in replacing the PHP template in the latest or the upgraded version of the Drupal.

5) Integration of easy content authoring tools

The content presented on the Drupal Theme or website is important for driving more traffic and engages the developers. The professionals must have knowledge about important tools used for content creation and publishing that helps in creating good content. One of the best is the customizable WYSIWYG editor.

The editor helps in creating and editing the content and with thorough knowledge; the experts can product quality content for the site. It is one tool which helps the developers to manage the editorial workflow smoothly and helps in giving access to features required for all positive content building.

6) Use of the panel and modules

The Git version control is important software which helps the Drupal developers to develop various modules on Drupal. It helps in applying a patch to module or it is one of the best ways to even fix the modules created by the developer.

The developer must be an expert in Drupal theme development services for developing the modules and themes as per the requirement of the project. With a technical understanding of the same, it helps in configuring the basic modules and core settings which helps in smooth running of a site.

Drupal is one of the best web development platforms which supports responsive designs and can be experienced both on a laptop and mobile phones. It is highly secured and with professional development, the error or problems can be checked for through development of patches that automatically protects the business.

Along with being technically expert in developing the website it is important that the developers have sound knowledge of SEO optimization. This helps in developing a well optimized and high ranking website on the Drupal platform.

It is important to invest on developers who have technical expertise in managing both the back and front end part of Drupal. With understanding of the latest Drupal platform and coding, it becomes easy to develop a fully customized website.

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